Streamlining the Document Scanning Process

Advanced Document Understanding refers to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to comprehensively analyze and interpret various types of documents through the unification of machine learning, deep learning, and expert systems. It is able to extract structured data, identify key values, establish relationships, and understand the content of documents with high accuracy and efficiency.

Some Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions don’t need extensive training or retraining in order to produce results. They are capable of working with any type, format, or language of a document. The best solutions can even recognize human handwriting, such as a physician’s handwriting for a diagnosis, and interpret text in over 40 languages.

RikAI’s is an IDP solution that is easy to integrate and offers superior performance in document processing. With an accuracy rate of 99.9% for typed text and 92% for interpreting physician handwriting, RikAI outperforms previous-generation tools. It handles different document types without sacrificing accuracy and provides options for signatures and check boxes, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

As businesses and governments increasingly adopt AI in their daily operations, the demand for sophisticated and precise solutions grows. By leveraging advanced document understanding capabilities, businesses can streamline their document processing, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making processes.

Intelligent Document Processing and AI