We were all mistaken when we predicted that COVID-19 would terminate in 2021.
This year, we observed how the pandemic’s residual effects affected everyone.
It changed the way we communicate and express ourselves as a business or as individuals for visual designers.
The events of the previous year set the way for redesigned psychedelic design, bold and adventurous designs inspired by a desire for change and conscious communication. We also observed how important social media presence is for company survival, and how consumers want companies to be honest more than before.

With so many unknowns, predicting future graphic design trends is challenging.

Instead, consider how rising trends in graphic design will influence marketing, reporting, employment, and even how we interact as people. You’ll also discover the common thread that connects these developments.

Furthermore, you will discover visual design ideas for incorporating these trends into your presentations, reports, infographics, and social media material.

The year 2022 will be one of creative pragmatism.

The unifying thread running across graphic design trends in 2022 is creative pragmatism. We will see vibrant, expressive design that is also deliberate and intentional.

As a graphic and communication designer who has survived this year’s crazy journey, I will paint a portrait (with words and graphics this time!) of what I understand as creative pragmatism.

What exactly is creative pragmatism?

Creative pragmatism is a term that combines two contradictory ideas: creativity and pragmatism.

Creativity piques the imagination, therefore be daring, expressive, and inspiring. Meanwhile, pragmatism refers to being pragmatic rather than theoretical in your thinking.

The uncertainty, along with the pandemic’s gloom and doom feelings, has resulted in The Great Resignation. Employees have reached a breaking point, forcing them to reconsider their job and life aspirations.

The workforce, particularly creatives, is looking for meaning and purpose at work. At the same time, after so much solitude, individuals are beginning to recognize that remaining connected is more important than anything else.