Ryan Dean Hoggan Shares How To Stand Out As An Entrepreneur In 2022

how to stand out as an entrepreneur in 2022

Being an entrepreneur in 2022 is a lot more difficult than it has ever been. There is so much competition out there. A lot of this is due to the pandemic forcing people to get creative with how they earn their income and trying to evolve past traditional career paths.

Technology has also made pursuing a career as an entrepreneur a lot more accessible to the general public. With all of this competition, it’s important to know how to stand out from the crowd if you want to become an entrepreneur.

We decided to explore how to do so, by interviewing Ryan Dean Hoggan, a very successful entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. Ryan Dean Hoggan has experience in many sectors including real estate, crypto, and business management, so he can give us very useful information that can be applied to every entrepreneur willing to listen. 

Who should entrepreneurs be marketing themselves for? A broad or narrow audience?  

One of the most crucial things a young entrepreneur can do is learn who their audience is. Once you know who your audience is, it becomes very simple to market yourself towards them.

I definitely think keeping your sites narrow and specific is the best way to find success. The broad approach just doesn’t work, and honestly, it is outdated. 

How about collaboration? Do you think it is something to utilize or avoid? 

Oh definitely utilize collaboration. Collaborating with brands and other people in the community that you are targeting is a great way to get your name out there.

It doesn’t only expose you to more people, it legitimizes you as a big player in those circles. Landing a deal with a popular brand, even if it is very niche to your audience, will let that audience know that you’re the real deal and you are important. 

finding clients as a new entrepreneur

Do you have any tips for finding clients? Where should entrepreneurs look? 

Figure out what forums and websites your community like to visit and then hang around there every single day. Doing so will help you find other sites and more niche corners of those communities which you might be able to market to more aggressively.

It all comes back to knowing who your audience is, and actively engaging with them. 

How important is it for entrepreneurs to stand out from the competition? How can they do so? 

Well, intuition will tell you it is extremely important to stand out from the competition. It is true, it’s probably the most important part of being an entrepreneur.

People have to choose you over everyone else. I think to genuinely stand out from the competition, you just need to know yourself and play into your real personality.

If you are not a bold, enthusiastic person and you try to pretend you are, people will see through that. You’ll come off as a snake oil salesman. Be genuine and be skilled, and I promise you will find clients. 

Do you have any specific advice for convincing companies or individuals to work with an entrepreneur? 

Touching on the snake oil salesman again, you need to talk about real results. Talk about specific results, not broad promises that everyone else will feed that same client.

The key to convincing a client to work with you is selling them on results that they want. Results that they need now.

Focus on the results, and make sure those results are realistic so that your client truly believes you will be able to reach them. 

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