Questions to Ask When Deciding Your College Major

If you’ve wondered how to choose your major or survive your first at college, you are at the right place. Keep reading.

If you are going to start college this fall you must be experiencing mixed feelings now. You will need to switch to some new habits and timetables. Yet, going to college is a great opportunity to learn and try new things and become stronger and more independent.

1. How to survive your first year of college

While some people are excited about going to college, some others are scared and nervous. Don’t worry; it’s perfectly normal to feel both ways. Going to college is probably the biggest change in your life so far. So, maybe some of those things can help you handle your first year easily.

Make new friends and find a roommate

Most people move to other cities or states to go to the college they want. Changing your daily routines and having new faces around can be difficult sometimes. It’s normal to feel homesick, especially at the beginning.

But, don’t let this feeling prevail. You are going to spend several years surrounded by these people, so it’s important to socialize. It’s much easier to deal with all these new things if you have friends around. Maybe some of them will become your best friends.

When you have a roommate at college, you always have someone to share your thoughts and feelings with. Thus, you become much more confident and everything seems much easier.

Also, saving some money can make you feel much more comfortable. Instead of paying everything yourself, you can split rent and other expenses with your roommate. Both of you need the Internet and electricity. It would be great to save some money on these things, wouldn’t it?

Did you know that citizens of Pennsylvania can choose their providers since 1999? The Power Switch website was implemented then. So, if you study at one of the colleges in Pennsylvania you have the power to choose your utility provider. It’s a great way to lower your dominion energy utility expenses. In college you will learn the art of saving a buck and money management. Starting to save money on your household costs is the most efficient way to save money since that money saved adds up due to the utility, water, and other bills come once a month.

Attend classes and don’t forget to study

No matter what you study or where your college is, it is funny to skip classes occasionally. Do your best to resist this sweet temptation. Don’t skip classes. When you miss a class you miss lessons and other important information that can be crucial in the future.

Passing exams is much easier if you have to study one subject at a time. If you have loads of assignments to finish at once, you may lose motivation. So, don’t forget to study regularly.

No matter how many interesting places in Pennsylvania or elsewhere are waiting for you, keep in mind why you came here. Go to classes and work hard until you reach your final destination – the graduation ceremony.

2. Questions to ask when deciding on your major

Choosing your major is one of the most important things. The vast majority of the courses you will take at college will are related to your major. This is why you should decide very carefully. Some of these questions may help you to decide on your major.

What are you interested in?

When choosing your major you choose your professional path for the future. So, focus on what you find interesting and what you would like to do once you leave college.

Have your strengths in mind, but don’t forget to consider your weak points either. You probably wouldn’t like to choose something you are not so good at.

What do you want to do in the future?

Being interested in a certain field is not a good enough reason to choose it as your major. You should think about your plans for your future career. It is also important to check if there is a strong demand for professionals in your field.

It’s no use choosing something only because you like it if you will have to switch to something else to find a proper job later.

Can you find a well-paid job?

It’s great to study something you are passionate about. This makes you more eager to come to classes. Generally, studying is much easier when you learn about something you love.

Yet, before choosing your major, you should have your future life in mind. Will you be able to find work easily and quickly? Will you be able to earn enough money for a proper life? These are some of the important questions to ask yourself.  When determining your major – it is important to do do something you love as well as something that can help provide for you and pay for your rent, electricity bills, and other costs of living.

Final thoughts
Choosing the right college and your major can be a tricky business. But, you know your wishes and aspirations better than anyone else. So, make sure you focus on and choose something that will make you a happy and successful person.