Production Optimizer: How To Make Staff At Your Company More Productive

The job of management is to consistently improve production without sacrificing morale or quality of work. This can seem like an impossible task but the best managers can get their team to achieve all of their production goals while maintaining morale. The worst thing that a manager can do is be reactive to upper management demanding that production goes up. Keeping close track of how the team is performing can allow a manager to show the higher ups how their team is actually improving month after month. If production is suffering it is time to have an honest conversation with staff. Staff that don’t produce at a satisfactory level will be terminated as will their manager as cleaning out of a department allows a fresh start rather than having employees with negative feelings towards the company. The following are ways to make your staff more productive on a daily basis which will make a huge difference at the end of the month/quarter.

Document Management Software

There are so many logins to documents and specific PDFs that are needed that a document management software can make life much more efficient in the office. Finding any document needed in a simple way as well as passwords to get into certain documents needs to be a priority. Do not allow staff to waste copious amounts of time weekly finding documents when you can organize them within a software or tool. Security of company documents is also imperative so whatever tool or software you choose, keep the security of these documents paramount.  

Allow Top Performers To Work From Home

The greatest incentive that many people can earn from their job is the privilege of being to work at home permanently or a few days per week. This freedom needs to be earned through great productivity and a proven track record of continually doing the same amount and quality of work from home. There can be a test period of this then set production goals for each week with incentives to hit higher numbers. People will strive to become one of the best producers in the office with the possibility of being able to work from home permanently.

Hire Very Versatile Employees

There are going to be slow times in every department so people that can help out with production in other areas are extremely valuable. These people continually will be able to fill in whether it is handling customer service calls or pitching a potential sale. The hiring process will have to incorporate a certain consideration for people that have worked in multiple roles and thrived. Startups need these types of employees as being able to move someone laterally rather than finding a new employee saves times as well as money. College athletes tend to be good hires due to their ability to handle practice, school, and maintain a social life. These athletes are also coachable so it is possible they can be molded to fit various positions.

Take the time to assess where you can help you staff become more productive. Tools and software are great options as allowing your employees to do their intended job rather than handle tasks that could be automated is only going to make productivity skyrocket!