Print’s Importance in Small Businesses

Small business owners need to quit neglecting their office printer. Print is still very much alive and well in the digital age since printers are used by eight out of ten enterprises worldwide to complete daily activities. Businesses frequently choose consumer-grade printers hastily when commercial-grade options should be taken into account to reduce costs and increase productivity. 

For good reason, half of businesses require a printer to function. People learn new information, focus more clearly, and retain facts and numbers with the aid of printed paper. However, more than half of printers are unsecured, and 53% of people’s printers malfunction at least once per month, endangering the security of the entire network. 

Therefore, which printers are best for particular companies? While insulin is $9,400 per gallon and nail polish is $900 per gallon, printer ink can cost up to $12,000 per gallon. Additionally, the majority of printers utilize between 20 and 50 percent of each ink cartridge for upkeep and cleaning. Likewise, a lot of printers will not print in black ink if color ink is low. Contrarily, laser toner is less expensive, prints twice as quickly, and doesn’t have a shelf life. Don’t let a subpar printer impede your company. Learn how to choose the best small business printer in the infographic below, courtesy of Lexmark GO Line:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought