Pet Insurance: You Need It As Much as Your Pet

Today, loneliness has reached epidemic proportions in our uncertain world, in addition to the health risks associated with the global pandemic and many of us have chosen to cope by bringing pets into our lives. Adoption is so rampant that there have even been instances of dog shortage, with pet ownership in the United States increasing by 70% in just 2020. But, for even more comfort and security, pet insurance might be the right move for you.

When considering the expenditures of owning a dog, start by identifying which category they fall into. In the first year, small dog ownership costs $1,314 on average, whereas large dog ownership costs $1,843. Subsequently, small dogs cost $580 per month, while large dogs cost $875 on average. Then, factor in other expenses – like pet sitting, continued training, dental cleaning, and emergency veterinary treatment – which results in the average annual cost of owning a pet: $2,858.

The best way to avoid unexpected veterinary bills is to stay active and proactive. 80% of pet owners take their pets to the vet at least once a year – you should do the same. In addition to regular checkups, brushing your pet’s teeth will be of great benefit in the long run. Surprisingly, 75% of pet owners don’t have pet insurance. Buying insurance and building healthy habits for your pet can save you serious and unexpected veterinary expenses.

Today’s market is brimming with options, so investigate which plan of protection is best for you and your pet. There are currently 20 pet insurance suppliers in North America, with Nationwide offering plans for pets other than canines and felines. Get pet protection to take care of your furry friends and the unforeseen costs that may come.

Pet insurance benefits