Online School: The Solution to Student Burnout

The traditional in-person structure of schools is no longer providing the outcomes they previously did. Currently, more than 6 million students are “chronically absent” from school each year, students are not retaining the information they are learning, and almost 90% of high school students report that most students cheat at one point or another. Students are becoming more stressed in school as bullying is on the rise, and they are losing their motivation to learn which is leading to poorer grades across the country. Students are burnt out from the traditional school structure, so what can we do to fix it?

Many schools transitioned to online school during the pandemic, and while many people were hesitant at first, students and their families report feeling more confident in attending an online school. These students report a more flexible schedule, less bullying, and improved learning retention as reasons why they prefer online schooling versus the traditional face-to-face model. Post pandemic, 57% of students feel more positive about online schooling, while only 19% of teens prefer in-person school, so why are we not allowing students to learn remotely? 

Implementing professionally designed online school programs can greatly benefit students. Having the option to go to school remotely can lower stress levels of students as well as greatly increase their learning retention and performance in schools. We are living in a brand new world, so why are we still teaching the next generation using decades-old traditions? Learn more about online schools in the infographic below:

What Does the Future of School Look Like?