Network Providence: Top Business Tech Tips for Entrepreneurs in 2020

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November 2020 marks a momentous occasion: National Entrepreneurs’ Month. During one of the most difficult years for businesses in recent history, many businesses have risen to the occasion to succeed. And technology is the driving force behind some of the most essential and industry-changing innovations making that success possible.

With that in mind, let’s go over some technology tips entrepreneurs can use to sustain their momentum into 2021.

Utilize the cloud.

An ever-growing number of companies around the world are relying on cloud solutions to host their information. Cloud computing and storage can lower costs, give you access to your information at any time and from any geographical point, and constantly update and backup the files.

Using the cloud is safe and secure, and also unlimited, which reduces the investment that companies have to make in local servers. This is why there are also free, paid, and hybrid cloud options. Despite the potential security weaknesses that the cloud can have, it is much safer than a PC from which information can be carried or damaged.

To keep your information secure, flexibly accessible, and inexpensive, consider upgrading to cloud computing.

Make your technology work for you.

In 2020, there are unfortunately still businesses plagued by lagging internet, unreliable software, and inefficient processes held back by glitchy systems. Your business should not be one of them.

Instead of constantly worrying about your technology and working to sustain it, your technology should be supporting you and helping your business grow.

If your technology is inefficient, out of date, or costing you time or money, the best solution is to work with an experienced IT company in Ventura that can help you modernize your systems and make your technology work to promote your business instead of you working just to sustain your technology.

Create a mobile-friendly website and experience.

More and more consumers search and shop primarily from their phones. Until relatively recently, making websites mobile-friendly involved a complex process. However, in 2020, simple options exist for mobile optimization.

A mobile-friendly site enables users to have a much better experience, so instead of immediately clicking away from your site when it doesn’t work correctly on their phone, consumers will be enticed to stay and look around.

Make artificial intelligence an ally.

Many technology platforms now include Artificial Intelligence within their processes. This allows them to effectively fulfill the scheduled tasks, from responding to clients at any time via chatbots to handling large amounts of data to identify present and future business opportunities.

It is no longer enough to maintain a relationship with your client in the traditional way. State-of-the-art tools that use AI will facilitate results and relationships with your clients and suppliers, allowing you to scale your business to the next level in a fast and organized way.