Modern Living: Life-Altering Technologies

Our contemporary society has grown together with the rapid development of technology. Some would complain that we became too dependant on our devices, small and large, while others have no objections to how we live.

Neverminding which stance you take in that discussion, no one can deny that technology made our lives more convenient. Some of the things we take for granted nowadays, like having easy access to information, were considered luxuries a few years ago. Here are some of the technologies that spoiled us by making life more convenient and enjoyable. 

Private Cinemas   

Modern technology redefined the way we look at movies and entertainment in general. Although visiting the cinemas and enjoying the latest summer blockbuster has a unique charm to it, the average movie lover can create a decent private movie palace in the comfort of their home. 

Another technology every movie lover depends on is streaming. Platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime contain thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. At no point in history have we enjoyed such a wide variety of content to choose from as we have now.


The healthcare industry is one of the biggest benefactors of the rapid growth of technology. It’s even brought some diseases to the brink of extinction. Additionally, advances have made everything in the industry more accessible to an ordinary person. 

Technological advancements reduced the sizes of hospital instruments. Some applications and computer programs manage to mimic the activities of some devices. Patients today have the luxury of an at home ekg and other services. 

Smart World

Although the first smartphone entered the market back in the 1990s, this concept became popular in the mid-2000s and has been evolving ever since. Today, next to smartphones, we have smart TVs, watches, and homes, amongst others. 

It might be hard to imagine from our current perspective, but not so long ago, phones were used for calls only. The introduction of text messages was revolutionary at one point. In the past, we didn’t imagine that phones could do the things we expect of them today. 

Fridges, TVs, watches, and homes received a similar upgrade. All these devices can be connected to the internet and possess a certain degree of artificial intelligence. We can give out commands such as ‘increase the heating’ to our smart home and experience the temperature rise a couple of degrees.

Personal Assistants

A robot assistant is a common site in sci-fi. Iron Man’s Jarvis and Rosie from the Jetsons are some examples of that AI in fiction. Alexa and Siri are real-life examples of intelligent virtual personal assistants.

An intelligent virtual assistant does what an ordinary assistant would do. It helps you shop,  reminds you of your schedule, and many other tasks. By the end of the first day of living with one of these, you’ll ask yourself where they were until now.

The 21st Century

It feels like we’ve made the first step towards switching from an analog way of life to the digital. For years now, we’ve proved our dependency on technology. Some object to the direction we’re headed, while others embrace the 21st century.

The 7th art moved from the cinemas into our living rooms during this age. The healthcare industry strives as technology is becoming more advanced. Smart tech and personal assistants make our lives more organized.  We can only imagine where it will go from here.