Before purchasing the bulk plan, as a potential user, you may decide to buy mintmobile starter kit for just $5. The kit comes with a free mint mobile 7-day trial Sim card loaded with 100mb of data and 100 minutes of text and talk time. Once you receive the mint mobile starter pack, to set up your device is quite simple and easy. Simply download the app, and follow the activation instruction; simple and easy. Mint mobile step by step activation is also available. After a successful purchase, users can import phone numbers and start using the mint’s service. 

Did you already buy mint mobile starter kit? You may also consider mint mobile supported phones. It is possible to be able to keep your device and phone number on the Mint mobile network, but it should be noted that the mint mobiles run on top of the T-mobile service provider. As such, it only supports unlocked GSM devices. You can as well find out the compatibility of your mobile phone via mint’s mobile website. You can find out if your device will work with mint’s handy compatibility checker. Or perhaps if you need a device, you can shop mint mobile phones on the website; you can purchase your device outright on the website or apply for financing with affirm.

Why should I buy mint mobile starter kit?

The Mint mobile starter kit goes for $5 and it comes with a 100mb of data and 100 minutes of text and calls. As a potential subscriber that has been on a particular provider and you are still wondering whether the mints mobile is worthwhile, anyways, you can buy the mint mobile starter pack as means to check the reliability of the service whether it is as it has been portrayed.

Many tend to subscribe to something called calculated risk. Of course, before I decide to put in a lot of money on bulk data, of course, I should be able to vouch for the service provider before eventual purchase. When you buy the mint mobile starter kit, you will be able to check the dexterity of the service before you purchase it.

The Mint mobile starter kit has a 7-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the service. Although I doubt if subscribers won’t be satisfied with the service because Mint mobile offers the cheapest and one of the fastest; peradventure issues arise and you decide you do not need the mint mobile’s service any longer, there is a money-back guarantee on your purchase. All you need is to contact the customer service and the issue will be resolved.

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Network speed works the same way as the main purchase. Although the mint mobile starter kit is like the trial version of the mint mobile, nevertheless, they both work the same way. As such, as a subscriber, if you are satisfied with the service of the mint mobile starter kit, you can as well purchase mint mobile data pack of about $15/month and $25/month on 4G LTE of data.

If you would like even more information about Mint Mobile, check out this Mint Mobile review to get all the information you need.