Mindful Health Solutions Brings Rebranding Efforts to Los Angeles With Winning Mental Health Services.

As the founder of TMS Health Solutions, Dr. Richard Bermudes took to the press to announce the companies newest rebranding efforts. Unveiling their new name as Mindful Health Solutions, Dr. Bermudes reiterated a focus on providing innovative and multifaceted psychiatric services to the individuals that need them most. Headquartered out of Union Square in San Francisco, Mindful Health Solutions can be found in at least 15 locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

More than the best psychiatrist near me for TMS therapy, Mindful Health Solutions offers a wide range of beneficial services alongside its rebranding efforts.

Introducing Mindful Health Solutions

First founded in 2007, Mindful Health Solutions provides mental health services for in-network patients as well as a range of innovative psychiatric practices for improving outcomes for a wide range of potential conditions. Among the conditions that Mindful Health Solutions endeavors to support are OCD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, and even memory disorders.

Chief Executive Officer Brad Hummel stated of MHS’s efforts over the years, “We’ve built a comprehensive platform that helps bridge the gap” with regard to patient access and evidence-based treatments.

A mainstay throughout the West Coast, Mindful Health Solutions has clinics ranging from Newport Beach and Los Angeles to Roseville and Elk Grove. The company currently has designs to expand into a multi-region approach to psychiatric care.

What Is In A Name Change?

As our attention paid to mental health increases, more and more people are beginning to search for innovative psychiatric services. A study published by the National Institute of Health revealed that nearly 20% of adults within the United States live with a mental illness. The onset of the pandemic and its impact on our mental health is still being studied, so expectations are for these numbers to worsen in the future. With that being said, Dr. Bermudes and the team at Mindful Health Solutions in Los Angeles are ready to help.

Dr. Bermudes stated regarding the company’s new branding efforts, “Over the past few years we have developed a practice that we believe redefines the psychiatric outpatient experience.”

Most well known for their efforts with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Mindful Health will continue to emphasize its patient-first approach toward treatment-resistant depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy was cleared by the FDA and implemented by Dr. Bermudes in 2007. The process incorporates a handheld wand that provides guided waves of magnetic pulses toward the areas of the brain responsible for depression symptoms.

Treatment with TMS Therapy can be performed in an afternoon with patients able to return to their daily activities immediately following their session. Treatment is well-tolerated with few reported side effects. As a non-invasive treatment, TMS therapy can be used to help further the benefits of conventional talk therapy.

Innovative Treatment Offered Today!

With new fully-staffed clinics popping up throughout Los Angeles, innovative and affordable psychiatric services have never been more accessible or affordable. With many insurance companies offering free telehealth services during the pandemic, there has never been a better time to reach out to MHS for a virtual consultation.

After a consultation, patients may be guided to a number of innovative treatments to help with the hurdles they are seeking to overcome.

Other forms of treatment offered by Mindful Health Solutions include

  • Esketamine Services – Esketamine Nasal Spray is a self-administered treatment performed under the in-office guidance of a medical professional. Esketamine Nasal Spray is ideal for individuals looking to treat depression while also struggling with a response to their antidepressants. An FDA-cleared treatment, Esketamine Services are only available through certified treatment clinics.
  • Pain Management – Pain is more than just mental anguish, it is a physical feeling that you can’t ignore. Pain management becomes an important tool when struggling with a chronic condition and that is where Mindful Health can provide support. TMS Therapy was approved in 2008 by the FDA for use in treating Major Depressive Disorder, something often associated with chronic pain, neuropathic pain, as well as head injuries.
  • Memory Disorder Services – Memory loss and dementia can be frightening, to say the least. Mindful Health Solutions incorporates several steps into its efforts to slow down cognitive decline.

To learn more, contact your local Mindful Health Solutions clinic in Los Angeles!