Megan Ewoldsen’s Guide to Home Improvement

Megan Ewoldsen’s Guide to Home Improvement

Megan Ewoldsen’s Guide to Home Improvement

Transform your house into an oasis with Megan Ewoldsen’s Guide to Home Improvement! Are you looking for creative and inspiring ways to refresh, update, or makeover your living space on any budget? This guide is packed full of tips, tricks, and ideas from expert home improvement stylist Megan Ewoldsen. Follow her advice as she reveals must-have items for creating a beautiful haven in your own home, get ready to explore furniture updates, DIY projects, and more – all designed with love so that you can enjoy the fresh look of a stylishly updated abode. Who said making over homes had to be hard work? With this easy step-by-step guide, it’ll feel like magic when done right!

Megan Ewoldsen’s Benefit of Keeping Your Home Up To Date

Keeping your home up to date is a great way to show off your home decor style, whether you are creative or more classically minded! Updating your home space also has both practical and financial benefits. Making improvements can increase the value of your home, as well as make it more energy efficient resulting in lower utility bills. From small updates such as window treatments to larger projects like painting a room or installing new flooring, there are changes for all types of homeowners! With each home improvement project done correctly and tastefully, you’ll be able to have a home that is stylish and comfortable for years to come.

Tips for Styling and Decorating Your Home

When it comes to styling and decorating your home, one of Megan’s top tips is to choose furnishings that are both practical and stylish. Invest in quality furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, tables, and storage items that will last for years without losing their appeal. These timeless pieces can be styled with textiles like throws or pillows for an effortless look. Megan also recommends adding some bold colours and patterns in accent pieces such as rugs or lighting fixtures to create an interesting focal point in the room.

If you’re looking for ways to add more character to your home, Megan suggests investing in unique art pieces that reflect your style. Artwork can completely change the atmosphere of a room while showcasing your passions or hobbies. Megan also encourages people to have fun with their home décor by mixing different textures and materials – think velvet armchairs paired with natural wood tables or marble surfaces combined with cosy knits!

Megan also recommends embracing natural light sources in the home by keeping windows uncovered during the day, and using sheer curtains for privacy if needed. This can help brighten up even the darkest spaces while reducing energy costs from electric lighting sources too! Last but not least, keeping plants around the house can bring life into any room while improving air quality naturally as well as having many other health benefits.

DIY Projects

DIY projects can be a great way to spruce up and improve your home without spending a lot of money. Megan Ewoldsen suggests taking on DIY projects as one of the easiest ways to keep your home looking stylish and current. There are so many different types of projects that you can do to give your space a touch of personal flair – from painting an accent wall and installing shelving to repurposing furniture or adding outdoor seating. Painting an accent wall is a great and simple way to add interest to any room in the house. Lucian Grey recommends choosing lighter colors on walls if you have smaller spaces, as they will help make the room look bigger. You can also choose bolder colors if you want to create a dramatic effect or make the space feel cozy, just remember to use high-quality paint that will last longer and look better over time.

Installing new shelves is also a great way to get creative with storage solutions and showcase your style, Megan suggests adding decorative items such as plants or books for an extra touch. Upcycling old furniture can be another fun DIY project for the home decor enthusiast! It’s always important to do some research before getting started on this type of project, as you’ll need to know which materials and techniques are best suited for each piece of furniture. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try painting an old dresser or restoring an antique table? It’s amazing what you can do with secondhand pieces when given new life through creativity and hard work!

DIY projects offer endless possibilities when it comes to improving your home.

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Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Living Space

Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Living Space is a great way to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. Megan recommends looking for secondhand items at flea markets or thrift stores to find unique pieces that won’t cost much, finding great deals on furniture, lighting, and décor items online, and adding fresh flowers or plants from the flea market or nature. Also, try out low-maintenance plants such as succulents or air plants if you don’t have much experience with gardening. Megan also suggests adding some artwork to your walls – whether it’s family photos or wall art from a local artist, it can bring life and personality to any room.

Injecting texture and pattern into your living space is another great way to liven up the area without breaking the bank. Megan points out that this can be done with fabric items such as curtains, rugs, throws, pillows, and wall hangings, but also with items like baskets, boxes, and trays which are all relatively inexpensive options.

Megan Ewoldsen, a home design influencer, has plenty of tips and ideas to help out from adding simple house plants to taking advantage of home trends on social media, or DIY projects, she encourages exploring ways to find inspiration and make your home look vibrant and fresh. By approaching home decor in this way, you can be sure that your home won’t feel the same year after year!