MAGFAST Review: Truly Wireless Charging Solutions

More and more, we depend on wireless electronic devices to provide the tools that we need to function in our increasingly digital world. These devices have been continuously upgraded and refined over the years so that they now provide more and more ease and convenience, as well as updated features that simplify many of our daily tasks.

However, in spite of the many technical advancements and engineering that has gone into developing and updating our electronic devices, little has been done to update the way we harness power for those devices. Chargers for electronic devices have undergone very little evolution over the past 20 years. While devices may be sleek and efficient, their chargers remain clunky and awkward, relying on messy cables and power boxes to connect to electrical wall outlets.

Enter MAGFAST, a company that is transforming the way we power up and charge our electronic devices. MAGFAST, launched by its inspiring and visionary CEO, Seymour Segnit, is transforming the way we charge our electronic devices by providing a line of unique chargers that harness the latest technology and connect to one another magnetically, eliminating the need for a collection of messy cables. MAGFAST chargers exemplify truly wireless charging technology braced for the future of wireless connectivity.

Nowadays, we use so many different devices with so many different ways to connect to power sources that consumers have become desperate for solutions that integrate different power sources, technologies, and types of connectivity, such as USB-A and USB-C, PD Power, and Qi technology. The MAGFAST Family of products seamlessly integrates all of these options into a line of diverse products with unique features that provide versatility, portability, and wireless connectivity, as well as increase the speed required to charge devices. And to top it all off, the chargers are beautiful to look at, designed to enhance rather than detract from your home or office décor.

Additionally, MAGFAST chargers are designed to outlast and replace other chargers, reducing the need to buy new chargers for every device constantly. The company has set out to ensure that electronic waste from chargers needing to be replaced regularly is reduced, addressing the need to reduce the toxic impact that regular chargers have on the environment when they accumulate in landfills after breaking and needing to be replaced.

As an extra incentive to its followers and supporters, MAGFAST sponsors the non-profit environmental group Trees for the Future. For every single MAGFAST product sold, the organization will plant a tree, and it will plant seven trees for every MAGFAST Pro Kit sold, which includes five different chargers that cover every possible charging need. Through the sale of MAGFAST products, consumers who have pre-ordered the chargers have so far contributed to planting over a quarter million trees.

Consumers have been responding to the MAGFAST Family of products with interest and enthusiasm, as many envision the way that these chargers can facilitate and enhance their use of electronic devices. Below are some of the comments made in response to a recent presentation demonstrating how the MAGFAST chargers work and their many features.

On August 1, Lynn L. wrote, “Thank you for thinking ahead to make my life easier and less cluttered! You truly have thought of everything, and I will be sharing with all my friends!”

On August 4, Terri B. wrote, “They seem to be a great company that has a great heart! Can’t wait to see the quality products that will match the company’s integrity.”

On August 4, Ted S. wrote, “Pretty amazing system with power to spare. Love the cable-free option and the multiple ports.”

On August 9, Trevor wrote, “I just watched the entire show, and I was very captivated by MAGFAST because it was the first time I’ve ever seen something like it. I love the unique look of this product because it looks more futuristic than all of the other competitors. But the thing I liked the most was how the entire family connects together, and when you have them all, it’s like an extra bonus rather than just having a bunch of individual items.”