Leading More Sustainable Careers with Remote Work

The office environment of today is very different from previous decades. Workers used to have to commute long distances to their offices, battling traffic and unreliable public transportation every day. Nowadays, workers have the ability to forgo this hassle by completing all of their work from the comfort of their home. In 2023, 40% of American employees work remotely at least one day of the week, with 12.7% working exclusively from home. These numbers have dropped a bit since the pandemic, when 35% of workers were working completely remote. Now that the fear of spreading the virus has subsided, people have been showing up to the office in larger droves. 

There are tons of benefits from having a remote working schedule. Employees frequently cite having to not commute as one of the biggest upsides to the working from home lifestyle. They are able to save on gas and time, while having greater flexibility to be with their loved ones. Employers also benefit as well. They are able to reduce the costs caused by employee absenteeism and turnover, as these rates lower significantly when workers are remote. There are also huge increases in productivity, spiking by 68%. Hopefully the workplaces of the future will recognize these benefits and adopt the remote workstyle.

Return To Office or Work From Home?