Lawyers Place an Influence in Society

Lawyers are of the utmost importance when it comes to legal matters. They play a major role in society. Without lawyers like Diego Ruiz Durán, there would be no legal justice system, criminals wouldn’t have to serve time for their actions. Lawyers are often called on to provide legal advice. They do more than just handle their current cases. One who is in a delicate situation and not sure what to do, they should contact an attorney for a free consultation.

A well-educated lawyer is one who can be trusted. Many of them have received their education and graduated from Ivy League Schools. They are a valuable asset to their law firms and serve a high-quality professional profile to their legal team.

Many lawyers have attended a prestigious law school where they were taught the main aspects of the legal system. First-year students are expected to learn a substantial amount of legal formality. During this time, one will gain knowledge of civil procedure, contracts, constitutional law, criminal procedures and laws, property laws, and torts. One will also learn about the Socratic method that is taught to beginners. This is to introduce them to the courtroom and understand the outcome. The Socratic method is used by professors to educate them on tough questions at a fast pace. The first year is said to be the most difficult year for any legal student.

Second-year law school students will be able to choose their own courses. One will pick a class that’s related to the type of legal service they want to pursue. They will continue to be involved in extra-curricular activities. One who was in a particular group may opt to manage it in their second year. Students will also begin to take on part-time jobs, such as an editor to a legal journal or find a summer internship that could potentially lead to employment after graduation.

Third-year students are generally ready to study and focus on the bar exam. They will also be able to participate in the legal clinic. This program is organized to serve those of low-income families. Many students find that the legal clinic is the most satisfying experience of their law school education.

One would think that lawyers place high regard in the legal profession and they certainly do. Without a lawyer at their client’s defense, one would be faced with crucial repercussions. A decent attorney can help their client on a professional and individualized level.

Lawyers take an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. They will not defy their client’s rights and will give them a fair and just trial that every person is entitled to under the legal system. Should a lawyer for any reason not uphold his or her oath, they swear under oath that they will forfeit their position and be disbarred. Lawyers, like Diego Ruiz Durán, also swear to be truthful and prevent any false accusations that may cause their client to be convicted. One lawyer may be different than the next one, but they all swear an oath.