Is the Internet Ready for Remote Work

Since it doesn’t look like we are going to be fully in the office again any time soon, it’s time to focus on making sure that remote work environments are secure from a cybersecurity perspective. Seemingly overnight, a large number of office workers got their first shot at working from home due to the pandemic. Now that the delta variant has put a dampener on returning to the office in full force, many are adapting a long haul approach to working remotely or at least a hybrid workplace where a percentage of workers come into the office, yet not all at once – more of a staggered approach. What’s more is that this trend is likely to continue – by the year 2025, 87% more Americans will be working remotely than before the pandemic.

Today’s modern workforce demands reliability and ease of use without being intrusive and being the slower VPN based solutions of the past. It’s time to rebuild proper networking infrastructure from the ground up. Using a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) network is where a lot of the smarter networks of the future are currently being built.
Learn more about what is behind building the network of the future in the following visual deep dive below:

The Future of Networking