Is a One or Two Story House Right for You?

When it comes to choosing the style of house you want to call your home, deciding between a one or two story house is an important decision. To help with this big choice, we’ve put together eight factors to consider when deciding how many stories are right for you.

1. Cost

In general, building a two story house requires more materials and labor than a one story home. This means you may have to spend more money upfront for a two story house, but that doesn’t mean it won’t pay off in the end with energy efficiency and gain of equity over time.

2. Land Considerations

If you’re limited on space, a two story house may be the better choice. This is because it gives you the opportunity to maximize your space, both vertically and horizontally, without taking up too much of your lot size.

3. Safety

Two stories are safer than one in terms of fire safety since it’s easier for firefighters to access any part of the house from a two story structure. This can give you peace of mind knowing that if there’s a fire, it can be contained and extinguished much faster than in a single-story home.

4. Maintenance

If you’re not fond of yard work or don’t have ample time to maintain your lawn, then a two story house might be more suitable for you. This is because the second floor of your home will keep your yard maintenance to a minimum since it takes up less ground space than a one-story house.

5. Privacy

Do you have nosy neighbors or if you’re concerned about privacy issues, then a two story house is a great option. It will give you more distance between your neighbors, allowing for more privacy and sound control.

6. Aesthetics

If you like the idea of having a grand entrance or dramatic look to your home, then going with two stories can create that sense of awe. The exterior look of a two story house is usually more attention-grabbing and provides additional curb appeal.

7. Noise

If you have a large family or tend to entertain often, then a two story house might be the best choice for you. This is because the second floor can help absorb sound from downstairs, giving you your own private space away from all the noise.

8. Natural light

If you’re someone who loves natural light, a two story house may be your best bet since it offers more windows to let the sunlight in. You can also enjoy spectacular views from upper floors and balconies that single-story homes simply don’t have.

Weighing all these factors can help you make an informed decision on whether a one or two story house is right for you. After considering all the pros and cons, you’ll be able to determine which type of home will fit your lifestyle and budget best.

Good luck with your decision!