Industries That Use Custom CNC Parts

CNC machining, whether it involves CNC turning, CNC milling, or another type of CNC machining, allows manufacturers to create the components that they need down to a precise measurement with a limited tolerance for deviation. This is particularly ideal for industries that rely on precision in their parts. 

Custom CNC machining enables companies to obtain exactly what they need in the quantity they need it. If a component is experimental, customized, or not easily available, custom CNC machining allows the company to acquire the right component at a reasonable price while still maintaining quality. Materials also vary with custom CNC aluminum, steel, brass, and copper are only a few of the options. 

What Are Some Industries That Use Custom CNC Machining? 

Custom CNC machining is integral to several large industries, including the electronics industry, the construction industry, the firearms industry, and the agriculture industry. In many ways, CNC machining touches all parts of our current world. Here’s an overview of some of the other industries that rely on custom CNC machining. 

Medical Industry
The medical industry relies on custom-made (and sometimes disposable) parts for different patients. For example, devices that replace limbs, organs, or processes require extreme precision as well as customization. A prosthetic leg made for one individual will not fit another person. Implants are another relevant example. Custom CNC machining allows for the production of solely what is needed or even the creation of a prototype to explore potential solutions. 

Automotive Industry
Custom CNC machining is incredibly useful within the automotive industry. The ability to prototype different aesthetics and different functionalities allows designers to test and then adapt different designs to achieve maximum safety. Motorcycle parts and accessories also benefit from CNC custom manufacturing. 

Aerospace and Aviation Industry
Any device that has to fly requires an immense amount of consideration when building parts. Engineers need to make sure to calculate the impact of high speeds, air currents, and other severe stressors. Due to the significant danger involved in aerospace and aviation, components that are being tested must have the exact same quality as the final product. The precision required is down to within ±0.0001”. This industry also benefits from the quick prototyping and adaptation of design.  

Optical Industry
Although the optical industry might not be the first industry that comes to mind, custom CNC machining is critical to production. And, in fact, the optical industry intersects with many other industries, such as the automotive or aerospace and aviation industries. Lenses are integral components of cameras, eyeglasses, automobiles (car lights), microscopes, homes, and the lenses often require specified curvature and transparent finishes. Lenses for individuals who need different prescriptions for each eye also utilize custom CNC machining. 

Benefits of Custom CNC Machining

Custom machined parts greatly benefit most of the major industries. The ability to rapidly prototype or create according to precise specifications with a custom CNC machining service allows for lowered manufacturing costs, greater flexibility, reduced product lead time, and increased quality of the end product.