Hybrid Events are a Necessity, Not Just an Option

In 2020, business engagement transitioned suddenly and drastically from physical to virtual. Although the pandemic is behind us, business engagements aren’t likely to revert back to their former state. 

That shift to virtual is happening in all areas of business interactions, including business events. In 2020, 70% of business events were transferred to virtual or hybrid events due to necessity. However, two+ years later, the majority of business professionals are saying that they are still planning to attend many virtual events. 

The convenience and flexibility of virtual events has a wide appeal both for planners and attendees. Nevertheless, at our basic human level, endless online interactions cause drain and fatigue. For this reason, digital engagement platforms have become an essential part of business function. 

Hybrid events are inviting to multiple kinds of audiences; those who want physical attendance and those who do not. They can also be customized for optimal attendee engagement. 

Customization of hybrid events can include things like VIP experiences, virtual teaching content, and gamification. All of these customizations can be used by any audience, whether they are there in person or attending virtually. 

In this post-pandemic world, physical components of business engagement are still important, but they’ll never look the same as they used to. In order for any business event to achieve optimal success, attendance, and engagement, hybrid planning is no longer optional.

The power of virtual events
Source: engagez.com