Huge Law School Myths You Should Never Believe

In most cases, the law student is believed to be a nerd that goes to the library every single day. People think that work-life balance simply does not exist. The truth is that law school is not actually like that. It gives so many options that go way beyond the typical classroom. According to Noll Springfield personal injury lawyer, numerous myths exist when talking about law schools. Below you can find those that are really common.

All You Do Is Work

The myth is that during law school, the only thing that you think about is coursework, readings and even more readings. We can say that there is some truth to this but at the end of the day, you do have so much free time that is available. Readings are definitely harder than with other universities, but this does not mean that with proper planning you cannot easily go through everything. The only period of time that is actually difficult to deal with is exams. Law students do not spend all their times in libraries.

You Cannot Make Friends

There is no way to deny the fact that law school is highly competitive. However, the competition is created in order to make students better. No matter what you might think at the moment, competition is good. It can bring out the very best in you. However, this does not mean it is the only thing to take into account. There is definitely a clear line between unhealthy and healthy competition. Working out exactly what type of competition you are faced with is really important to make everything easy to bare. You will surely make friends.

Law School Is Elitist

This myth appeared due to the fact that there are various misguided conceptions in the mind of people based on TV series that aired in the past few years, like Suits. Although you might think this is the truth, in reality, in law school you can find countless types of people. Students are always going to be accepted based on merit. Socioeconomic status is not actually something that counts, as long as you are pretty good.

Law School Is Very Intense

It is quite safe to say that going to law school humbles students. This is because there are numerous readings, deadlines and interesting obligations that have to be fulfilled. It is possible that things are really intense but you can get over obstacles if you are prepared. When you first start studying, everything will be tough to contend with. However, as time passes, you quickly realize that things are manageable.

Too Much Competition Appears

One of the big parts of law school is securing pupillage. You have to think about various career and studying facts at the same time. Law school does seem to be futile at times but this does not mean that networking will not be possible. Remember that firms will naturally favor people that want to go that one extra mile for securing pupillage. As you network, you automatically get better at being a lawyer, even if it is in the future.