How to Use the Space Under Your Stairs

There are several creative and practical ways to use the space under your stairs. Here are seven unique ways to make the most of this often-overlooked storage space:

1. Create Additional Storage Space

The space under your stairs is an ideal spot for creating additional storage space in your home. Install shelves, cabinets, or drawers to house items that you don’t use often but still need to store nearby such as books, seasonal decorations, tools and more. This is a great way to make the most of an otherwise unusable area.

2. Turn It Into a Mini Library

If you have lots of books and not enough room to store them all, why not create a mini library under your stairs? Paint the walls a cozy color, line up shelves full of books, add some comfortable seating and voila! You will have created a cozy nook perfect for curling up with your favorite book.

3. Make It a Mudroom

If you have limited entryway space, why not use the area under your stairs to create a mudroom? Install hooks for hanging coats and other outerwear next to shelves that can hold umbrellas and other items you use when coming and going from your home. You can also add a bench or some cubbies for shoe storage to maximize the space.

4. Transform It Into an Office Space

For those who need to work from home but don’t have enough room in their main living spaces, the area under your stairs is perfect for creating a mini office nook. Place a desk and chair in the corner, install shelving units for organizational storage, and add a few decorative touches to make it feel like your own. This is the perfect spot for focusing on work without being disturbed.

5. Make It an Artistic Retreat

If you’re the artistic type, this space can be perfect for setting up a creative corner where you can express yourself. Hang artwork on the walls, place easels or desks in the corners, and line shelves with art supplies and other materials that inspire you.

6. Add a Pet Area

For those living with furry friends, why not create a pet area under your stairs? Line one side of the area with cushioned mats and pillows so they have somewhere comfortable to rest while adding cubbies or drawers to store their toys and other accessories.

7. Create a Reading Nook

Turn the area under your stairs into a cozy reading nook by adding some comfy cushions, throw pillows, blankets, lamps for lighting and of course plenty of books! Throw in some plants to give it an extra calming touch and you will have created the perfect spot for unwinding after a long day.

These are just seven ideas on how you can make use of the space under your stairs, so get creative and find something that works best for you and your home! With careful planning and clever design solutions, this overlooked area could become one of your favorite spots in the house.