How to use an iPhone for your next prom picture

Oh so the “prom season” is officially around the corner? Well, a prom brings into our mind things like fancy dresses, corsages, spray tans, updos and off course the “pictures”.

And the most overwhelming of them all is pictures and lots of pictures. Because, when the party comes to an end, only the pictures will stay alive everywhere on the Instagram, snapchats and Facebooks of every one of you.

So in case your prom is coming up, we have rounded up this guide to help you possess some great memorable prom pictures. Here, we will share with you the ways to nail your prom pictures with nothing else but your iPhone.

Why do we prefer an iPhone for prom photos?

We have focused our best of the best prom photo tips with an iPhone because of several reasons. In a fancy little clutch, in a tux pocket or attached to belt cell phones stay always close to us.

So, this makes us preferring cell phone camera as our first choice instead of carrying heavy top notch DSLR cameras. So, in the hustle bustle of prom party, only your cell phone will be the most convenient thing for you to carry.

Let’s get started with iPhone camera

Now, your best camera is in your iPhone and it is always at your disposal whenever and wherever you need it. Here are some million dollar tips to consider taking the best prom pictures with your iPhone.

Understand the controls:

Like any gadget, you must learn to operate your iPhone camera perfectly well before you leap forward to capture some brilliant prom photos.

Thanks to the technology, besides the regular camera of your iPhone there are several photography apps at your disposal to help you capture some great photos. You get better shutter control, more of pictures you can capture in a minute and many interesting camera effects, you can use with these apps.

Stay rock solid and firm

Since a prom is all about lots of dancing and fun, so staying rock solid and steady while clicking a picture is bit tough.

To eliminate the shakiness of your busy arms, we suggest you to use both hands for keeping the shake minimum. Or you can download a really helpful app which allows you to take brilliant pictures without any shakes. Download this image stabilization app.

Use a diffused flash

Keep in mind using your phone flash at times create nasty overexposure for objects closer to the lens. So we suggest you to use some great third party apps, after downloading them in your iPhone. You can find many exposure settings, white balance and several other controls in these apps. Or you can take pictures in natural available light.

To capture action shots, Use burst mode

Yes, if you are looking for ways to capture those dance moves with your iPhone, then thanks to Apple you can do it with Burst mode.

Don’t forget to turn on auto HDR

Do you know this High Dynamic Range feature of your iPhone camera? It allows you to click beautiful snaps with high contrast light. You can capture a perfect image without any light distortion.

In the end we suggest you to stay calm and don’t be too serious. If, you are happy with your candid imperfect pictures, they are ultimately just the perfect for you. Remember, perfection comes with practice! So just practice with your iPhone and enjoy the prom. J