How to Prepare for Guests Staying Over

Welcoming guests into your home is one of life’s great pleasures, but it also comes with a bit of pre-planning stress. Whether it’s family, friends, or even acquaintances, ensuring they feel comfortable and at home can transform their visit into a memorable experience. To help you make sure your next hosting stint goes off without a hitch, here are a few essential tips to prepare for guests staying in your space.

1. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

The first impression is always the most lasting, so make it count. Start by decluttering, maybe even moving unneeded items into temporary storage. Present a clean and inviting entryway, complete with a welcome sign, fresh flowers, or aromatic candles. Soft lighting can immediately set a calming mood, especially if your guest is arriving after hours. Don’t forget to put on some relaxing background music to enhance the overall atmosphere.

2. The Necessities Basket

No one likes to ask for the essentials, so prepare a thoughtfully curated “necessities basket” with items like spare toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand cream. Add in some extras for comfort, such as a sleeping mask, earplugs, and maybe a good book. Your guest will appreciate the attention to detail, not to mention the convenience.

3. Bedding Basics

Good quality bedding can make or break a guest’s sleep experience. Ensure that the sheets are freshly laundered and the pillows and duvets adequately fluffed. If you have the space, offer a choice of pillow types — firm or soft — and perhaps a smaller blanket if the night turns out colder than expected.

4. Cooling and Heating Options

Your guest could come from just about any climate, so be sure to offer options for both cooling and heating. Whether it’s a fan in the warmer months, a portable heater for a particularly chilly night, or both, these extra options can make a big difference in their comfort throughout different seasons.

5. Closet and Drawer Space

It’s not always easy living out of a suitcase, so ensure your guests have ample closet and drawer space for their belongings. Provide some spare hangers and a luggage rack to help them feel organized and settled in. If your space lacks storage, consider temporary options like over-the-door hooks or hanging shelves.

6. Area Guide and WiFi Access

Help your guest feel empowered to explore by providing a curated guide to the area, including local eateries, attractions, and transport tips. Also, make it easy for them to stay connected by sharing your WiFi network and password. This level of hospitality will make your guest’s trip smoother and more enjoyable.

7. Kitchen and Dining Provisions

If you expect your guest to partake in meals at home, ensure they know where to find dishes, glasses, and cutlery. Labeling the cabinets can be a great way to help them feel at ease. If they have dietary restrictions, be open to accommodating their needs and have a few options available for breakfast foods and snacks.

By proactively addressing these 7 points, you can ensure your guests feel well-cared-for and comfortable during their time in your home. Hosting with grace and thoughtfulness not only reflects well on you but sets the stage for guests to reciprocate the hospitality in kind. Happy hosting!