How to Pick the Right Paint Color for Your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the right paint color for your kitchen, there are a few things that you need to consider. Here are seven tips on how to make sure you pick the perfect paint color for your kitchen:

1. Consider Natural Light

Choose colors that reflect natural light. Natural light will help emphasize the colors of your walls and furniture. When selecting colors, pay attention to the undertones as well.

2. Contrast with Countertops and Cabinets

If you have a light colored countertop or cabinet, consider darker wall color to make them stand out. Vice versa, if your countertops and cabinets are dark, then lighter wall colors can help add contrast for balance in the room.

3. Consider Other Colors in the Room

When selecting a wall color, think about other elements in the kitchen such as appliances, artwork, textiles and furniture. These colors should be taken into consideration when picking out wall paint so that the overall look is cohesive.

4. Test it Out

Before committing to a color, it’s important to test out the paint on your walls. Paint a small area and get a feel for the colors in the room during different times of day. This will help you decide if the colors work well together or need to be adjusted.

5. Think About Resale Value

When selecting colors, think about the future. Selecting neutral colors is better for resale value and can help you get a higher return on your investment.

6. Add an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall with a bolder color can add a splash of personality to the room without overwhelming it. This also allows you to experiment with different shades or textures without having to commit to it on every wall.

7. Get Inspiration

Look online or in magazines for inspiration. Seeing different rooms that have been professionally styled can help you decide what works and what doesn’t for the space. You can also use these as a starting point for your own design.

By following these tips, you can make sure that the paint color for your kitchen is perfect for the space. Choose colors that reflect natural light and contrast with countertops and cabinets to create a balanced look. Test out colors, consider resale value, add an accent wall and get inspiration from online sources to complete your perfect kitchen.