How to Move Forward When Things Aren’t Working Out

Not everything goes according to plan.

We get motivated, make awesome plans, implement said plans … but we don’t make our goals come true. This could be because of a number of different reasons. The key is figuring out how to move forward when things aren’t working out.

Whether you work in a field that involves biodiesel work or own a digital marketing business consisting of one employee (you), we hope these steps can help you move forward when things aren’t working out.

Know that setbacks are necessary and everyone fails

The list of people who endured failure on their paths to success are endless, from Thomas Edison, to Walt Disney, to J.K. Rowling.

Everyone fails, whether in big or small ways. Knowing that can make this world feel smaller, as well as our problems and struggles. It somehow makes it feel like we’re not alone.

Setbacks are necessary in life. They, inevitably, make us stronger. They teach us lessons. They improve us. They’re something everyone faces during the walk of life.

Ignore the negative people and mindsets

On your way to achieving your dreams, you’re going to deal with negative mindsets and people. The best thing you can do is take the criticism and move on. If it gets too bad, then you have to eliminate the negative people out of your life altogether.

If you let these negative people and mindsets fester, such as fear or thinking a goal can’t be accomplished, then you will never achieve what you set out to achieve.

Learn from your mistakes

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, then you will continue to make the same ones over and over again. As a result, you will never achieve your goals because you’re, of course, making the same mistakes.

What mistakes are you making and how can you fix them? Take some time to analyze your situation. Break down your routine and strategies so you can find the holes.

Focus on the positives

When we fail, we have a funny way of only looking at the negatives and feeling sorry for ourselves. Not everyone, but many people. We look at a goal as either achieved or failed. It’s not that simple and you have to focus on the positives if you’re going to move forward and give your next venture your best effort.

You might not have achieved a certain goal, but there are things that did go well. You might have built a new habit, made more money, gained more customers, or wrote half of the book you’ve always wanted to write.

Focusing on the positives will give you something to work with on the next plan and also give you some much-needed and well-deserved motivation.

Create a new plan

Once you have learned from your mistakes and analyzed what’s working, you need to create a new plan and take action.

The only way you’re going to make your dreams come true is, of course, by taking action. It’s OK to tear a plan apart, but you need to create a new one and move forward with it if you want to achieve the goal you originally set out to achieve.

Know when to walk away

Sometimes, you have to count your losses and move on. That’s not easy to do and it’s especially not easy to know when the right time to walk away is.

You shouldn’t continue to sink money into a project just because you’ve already spent a lot of money on it, especially if the plan isn’t working and the results can no longer be justified.

It’s OK to walk away as long as you take this experience as a learning experience and see where things went wrong and right. If you continue on with a venture that’s not working, what do you have to gain? If it’s simply achieving something for the sake of achieving it and won’t actually make your life or business better, then it might be time to walk away.
Whether you want to become a teacher, work for a health information exchange organization, or own your own business, you can. It’s important to remember things aren’t going to go perfect along your journey. We hope the tips above can help you move forward when things aren’t working out.