How to Make LinkedIn Algorithm Work for You

Sometimes you spend days creating an article that is supposed to collect exciting feedback and engagement. But when you finally post it, it can’t reach 50% of the audience. That’s how social media algorithms work.

Platforms don’t usually publish guides to their algorithms. So it’s hard sometimes to identify how the platform evaluates your content. LinkedIn is no exception.

There are a few tips that can help your content to reach a larger audience. These are based on observation, real experience, and lots of trials. 

What you should know about the LinkedIn algorithm?

What content do you see on your feed? Posts from the people you engage the most, relevant topics, posts by anyone you follow, or those you are connected with and who update consistently — at least once a week. 

1. DWELL time

DWELL time — the amount of time a user spends looking at your content. A quick glance tells the algorithm that your post is not exciting and important. But several minutes spent reading a post or watching a video can help boost the content to the top.

LinkedIn pays more attention to comments than to reactions, but reactions are more important than shares.

2. Short videos are better than long ones

Try to post native videos up to three minutes long to win attention. If they have subtitles, that will make them more attractive to users. 

With a community of over 750 million users worldwide and 3% of members posting consistently, there’s a good chance to catch some attention if you have the right strategy. 

The algorithm prioritizes relevant content over recent content and promotes engagement.

Relevant content is much more valued as people look at things they care about. If they are interested and love to interact with the content, they spend more time on the platform, which is the goal of LinkedIn.

Things you can do to prioritize your content

Include incentive CTAs in your posts. Ask users something, and encourage people to engage with you and the content.

Use hashtags. Use up to three or five keywords that are searchable and related to the post’s topic.

Tag people. For example, you can tag employees involved in the project and thank them for their work. Thus, you‘ll reach a wider audience, including their connections. 

To get noticed on LinkedIn, you need to post regularly, connect with your potential customers, engage with your connections. These three basic steps will boost your content organically. If you need help completing these tasks on a regular basis, connect to the LinkedHelper tool. It will automate your activities, help make more connections and even like and comment on defined posts for you. 

And last but not least, pay attention to timing. If you post at the wrong hours, your content will be lost on the feed. There are three blocks of the best times to post on LinkedIn 9 am-12 pm, 2 pm-4 pm, and 6 pm-7 pm. These blocks are aligned with people’s schedules: morning routine, breaks, evening commute. 

So here you go — these simple steps can help you win the LinkedIn algorithm. Following this advice, you’ll increase your post’s reach, visibility, and engagement.