How to Improve Your Communication Platform

For some time now, the internet has been disrupting and permanently altering the ways in which many industries work—in addition to totally overhauling the face of the professional landscape as a whole.

Though some companies have been reluctant to get on board with the remote working trend, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned remote working into a necessity across many industries, rather than simply an option.

Now, more than perhaps ever before, there is a need for good communication within companies. Certain facilitative platforms such as the Microsoft suite can help with this, while a change in individual business practices and workplace norms is particularly beneficial as well.

Here are some tips on how to improve your communication platform.

Clarify the Company Vision and Mission Statement

Every company has goals, a “mission,” and a set of values, whether or not these things are made explicit.

One of the best things you can do in order to ensure that your company functions smoothly, and that your team members are able to collaborate effectively, is to clarify your company vision and mission statement—and to communicate them concisely and effectively to everyone.

This could include repeatedly reinforcing points from the company statement of values, at meetings, or it could include detailing a summarized version of them at the start of every company newsletter, or any number of other things.

Make Internal Knowledge Easily Accessible

Every company has their own workplace culture and set of internal norms, and typically these things have to be picked up through hands-on experience and a process of trial and error, whenever someone new joins the company as an employee.

But why not streamline the process through better information management?

Take steps to make internal knowledge and company norms and routines more easily accessible. An online database with a series of FAQs might work.

Foster Open Dialogue

Creativity is highly sought after in business, as are “good ideas.”

However, according to David Allen (creator of the famous Getting Things Done task management method), the only way for “good ideas” to emerge is for employees to feel safe to come up with “bad ideas” during the ideation process.

As much as reasonably possible, work to foster open and judgement-free dialogue within your company in order to facilitate a brainstorming session where everyone feels go to put out ideas before sorting through them for the best options.

Utilize Online Project Management Tools

Many sophisticated, modern web-based project-management tools are on offer today, and can do away with a lot of the confusion and mayhem that has often afflicted businesses in the past.

Use these tools in order to ensure that everyone has a clear idea of what they should be working on—and what the other members of the team are working on—so that things move along smoothly, and no one steps on anyone else’s toes any more than necessary.

Plan External Team Building Events

Communication is always likely to improve within a business when the various members of the team feel more comfortable around each other on a personal level.

Regular external events, such as team building activities and socials, can help to create a sense of camaraderie.

Final Note

Good communication is essential for allowing any business to maximize its potential, achieve workplace harmony, and to meet the challenges of the remote-working future head-on.

Managed Service Providers such as an IT company at Palm Beach can help you to set up a sophisticated digital communications infrastructure within your business, and monitor your security.

Take full advantage of the tools on offer, and work to tweak your company culture in order to optimize communication.