How to Get The Most Out of Your iPhone Camera

The camera on the back of your iPhone has the same power and capabilities of some cameras that cost upwards of $800. But that shouldn’t be too surprising though, as the new iPhone 11 model is on average about $1,200.

But, since it is a “camera phone” many people discount its ability to take professional grade photos. Out of the box it’s a very great camera, but with just a few little tweaks and some tips, you can take your photo taking game up to the next level.

Whether you just want to take better pictures to post on Instagram, or if you want to market a product online or take images for your ads or website, here are some tips that will improve the quality of images you capture from your mobile phone.

Use a Stabilizer Rig for Better Quality and Angles

If you are taking pictures on the go, or doing something like skateboarding and taking pictures or vlogging from your phone, for example, then you should consider using a hand held stabilizing rig.

This allows you to take amazing images (or video) even if you are bouncing around or moving. They are not cheap, but they improve the quality of yout images a lot, and you end up with clearer and more crisp captures because the phone is “still” when it takes pictures.

A company like National Pool Fences is going to want to focus on capturing images that showcase the luxury and beauty of their designs. They might also want to do walk-around video to show their work. So, a rig like this will allow them to capture professional quality video that is still and provides the best images t their audience.

Attach Your Phone to a Bendy Tripod

You have probably seen these tripods before, but they allow you to mount or secure your phone to almost any object you can wrap its little bendy legs around.

It also serves as an easy way to hold on to your camera. Many people end up dropping their phones and cracking their screens while taking pictures. This way you have a better grip and also allows you to get different angles and also set your phone up in a safe manner to get selfies and group pictures that use a count down timer.

Use a Light Ring for Studio Quality Images

The flash on the iPhone is ok, but you aren’t going to get professional quality lighting from it. But, there are plenty of little ring lights that attach to your phone and create studio quality lighting.

Image if you had to create images on social media to promote something like a car subwoofer? You need to make it appear like it was photographed by a professional studio. You don’t want boring images. You want properly lit ones that show all the detail. A light ring can help you accomplish this at a very low cost.

Install Photo Editing Apps on Your Phone

“There are a lot of apps that allow you to edit on the go,” says Chris Dziak of Pure Nootropics. “Before you would have to take pictures, download them, and then edit them on a computer. Not any more.”

Now, just edit as you take them. There are plenty of free apps that instantly allow you to remove blemishes, red eye, and even make teeth look whiter.

You can also use filters to change the overall image, making it softer or even turning it into black and white, or applying other effects. This can really help you create more creative photos.