How To Draw Maximum Advantage From Your GMAT Mocks

No matter whether you are a first-timer or have already taken the GMAT before, the mock tests are for all. There are many students who can crack the GMAT but are unable to achieve their desired score; such students too can take up GMAT mock tests by which they can improve their scores.

The main purpose of GMAT mocks is to –

  • Build up the stamina and the concentration that is needed to crack the main GMAT
  • Help you understand your strengths as well as weak points so that you can work on them accordingly 
  • Give you an accurate idea about the status of your preparation for the GMAT
  • Help you fine-tune on the crucial aspects like time management which are immensely helpful during the main exam.

With all these advantages you will get to know two things, where you stand and how much more effort is needed. The official GMAT mock test will give you fair information about how much you will score in your actual test.

Hence, GMAT can be called as a fair indicator of your hard work done, so that you know that you are ready to crack the actual GMAT entrance test.

  • Although there are no fixed times for taking the GMAT mock tests, too many of them can potentially confuse you whilenot taking any will give you no idea about your preparation. So the ideal way is to take a couple of tests before or at the beginning of the preparation. This will help you to see two things- how near or far you are from your target score as well as how much and on which subject, more studying is required.

The next mock test can be taken when you feel that you are fully prepared for the final GMAT test. At this point, you can even take multiple tests if you wish. It is always said – practice makes the man perfect. The more practice you do, the easier  it will be to attempt the final GMAT.

  • Of course, it is not a compulsion that you have to take multiple mock tests. If you are confident enough there is no point in stressing yourself.

Keep in mind that the GMAT mock test will refine your preparation. Here are some tips that you may find helpful. Remember to be as serious as you will be while solving your main GMAT.

What should you do while taking the GMAT mock test?

  • Do opt for the same slot of examination timings; if you are taking GMAT in the afternoon slot, take the mock test in the same slot. This will prepare you in working in a specific time slot.
  • Do follow the instructions, and the order of sections while solving GMAT mocks
  • Do stick to the routine of solving the sections in the exam that you will follow through the main GMAT
  • Do not take pauses in between the mock test. Treat it with the same seriousness as the final GMAT
  • Do not take more time gaps than that offered during actual GMAT
  • Do not take more time than mentioned in for solving the mock. Remember to end the exam on time as you will not get extra time during the main GMAT.

As the mock test will indicate the score that you will achieve in the main GMAT, treat the mock as the main GMAT. All the best!