How to Deal With Stress While Working from Home

The workplace is usually the place we can go to and forget the issues we have at home. The moments when you talk with your coworkers and laugh at work related jokes are precious. Working from home is great for a lot of things.

The first one is you can always spend the day in your pjs and no one will say anything about that. You can have coffee whenever you want and you can have a snack while you work. Working from home is someone everyone wants. That is, everyone who never worked from home.

As a person who worked from home most of my adult life, I definitely know about the stress that comes with working from home.

Even though there are a number of pros about the freedom you have when you don’t have to get up early every morning and get ready to travel to work, there are a lot of negative sides as well. I’ve found some ways to deal with the stress. I want to share them with you and hopefully help you relieve stress in a few healthy ways.


When you start working from home, you realize one thing – you can work in bed! Isn’t that amazing?! Well, let me tell you, it’s not. After a few weeks you’ll realize that your body starts to ache. That will make you nervous and you will become stressed. And the funniest thing is, you will not know why.

That is because you’ve spent too much time sitting or lying down. To save yourself the trouble and all the pain, you need to start exercising. Doing cardio workouts are the best, but if you don’t want to do that, you can do any type of exercise that works for you and for your schedule, according to The New York Times. You can try yoga, hit the gym, spend an hour walking or anything else that sounds right for you. 

Set boundaries and limit distractions

This is especially important if you have kids or if you live with someone else. If you have a spare room, make it in your home office. And set rules for yourself and for others. You stay in that office and forget about the house errands while you are working. Family members tend to forget that your job is still a real job, no matter the fact that you are not working from an office.

They will try and get you to do things for them, help them or they will bug you to have a cup of coffee with them. Set strict boundaries! In those hours when you are working, they should forget that you are home. Same goes for you. It’s not anyone else’s fault if you give in, decide to do something else other than work and end up working 12 hours instead of 8 just because you had too many distractions during the day.


CBD helps with a lot of things and some of those are pain and anxiety or depression. It definitely helps a lot with the work-related stress and it will not make you less productive. There are many ways to use CBD, and vaping and using it as an oil are the some of the most popular. If you want to know more about the benefits of CBD and how to use it, Daily CBD Mag can help you learn. Visit this site to see what CBD tinctures are.

Before going online to buy it, you need to see if it’s legal in your country. CBD is legal in all states in the US and more than 25 countries around the world. If you want to relieve stress using cannabinoid, you can check this list of best CBD oils on the market today from GiftWits. Since there are so many different types, you will need help to find the best type. Check it to see which the best CBD oils on the market are today.

Don’t isolate yourself

One of my personal main issues with working from home has been the loneliness. No matter if you live alone or have a family, there comes a point when you need a break from yourself and your family. That is why you should try and go meet friends at least a few times per week. Working from home can take a lot of time, because you practically never leave the “office” even when you’re done with work.

When I realized that loneliness was a huge stress trigger for me, I changed it. Don’t invite just invite friends at your home, go out! No matter if you choose takeout coffee and spend the day in the park or relax with a nice glass of wine in a restaurant, pick a place where you can see people even if you don’t interact with all of them. Being around people will lift up your mood and it will relieve stress.

Forget about your phone

Unless your job is closely related to you checking social media all the time you need to forget about your phone while you work. Smartphones are a huge reason for stress, especially when you work from home. We get notifications all the time. Some are important, most of them are not. If your phone is not on silent, that will drive you crazy and it will make you lose focus all the time. Because of that, put your phone on vibrate, and put it face-down on a soft surface. Check it no more than once per hour and limit your time using it for no more than 5 minutes. Also, try and stay away from smart devices for at least an hour before bed.

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Working from home is overall amazing, but it comes with a great deal of stress. It is really important that you find your own outlets to be more relaxed. Don’t forget to eat healthy food and stay away from processed sugars – they will make you feel more stressed, says Forbes. Try and drink water every time you get up and walk around your house and when you are done with work, be really done. It can wait till your next shift.