Josh Nass in imdb has had a storied career in the public relations industry, which has brought him extraordinary insight into how to properly communicate to various audiences and segments of the population. The interest and value for businesses in communicating to their various consistencies is incredibly significant. There needs to be effective communication channels developed and in place in order for businesses to succeed in cultivating brand awareness, and genuine trust with their consumers.

Regardless of a business’ size, scope and breadth of its audience, it is of vital importance to ensure proper communication is upheld and valued by businesses, no matter of their background, that public relations is taken seriously. With the recent pandemic we unfortunately saw so many businesses shutter and fail in part because of their poor communications strategies. 

Josh Nass is cultivating an important network of writers that are seeking to express the importance and value of public relations not only for commercial interests; but also for interests that are philanthropic. The beauty of public relations as a tool and device, is that it  can be used with great success and effect for noble and altruistic purposes as well. 

We continue to see the need for nonprofit organizations to get the level of recognition that they deserve. So many organizations out there are doing outstanding work that unfortunately never sees the light of day. With this deficit, they are hindered in their ability to fundraise in a proper manner. 

People deserve to hear about the wonderful causes that exist out there, so that they can properly support them. This needs to be noted by many organization and not for profit institutions who are seeking to fundraise in a proper fashion. The first step needs to always be building your organization’s image to the larger public to ensure it  gets out there in a proper manner. Do people know of the wonderful work you are doing; or is it  instead a home-secret? It  must be the former; in order for it  to be done right. If you want your fundraising goals to be met, and even exceeded, that’s what needs to happen.

Josh Nass in JNS writes about how a basic media relations campaign can totally raise the profile and image of a nonprofit organization and raise its bottom line in the process. This is an important message for all in the nonprofit community to properly internalize. The need for exposure and maximizing awareness of a nonprofit organization and institution’s activities is paramount in order to ensure its success and to ensure its operating budget is met, with efficiency. 

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it , is it  really an issue? The answer is a resounding “no.” If something is not known that it  may as well have never happened. Public relations is about defining perception. If needed, it  can also be used as a vehicle to redefine perceptions. 

But for those organizations in the nonprofit world looking to fundraise, especially during this very challenging and perilous time with the Coronavirus pandemic still not having abated, organizations need to try to invent their public image in an authentic fashion. So long as a media relations campaign is done in a way that is genuine and sincere, the donors will come. Donors of all sizes and backgrounds. Whether that may be simple $10 donations, or five and six figure amounts; those amounts will add up and slowly but surely materialize into something truly special. 

But it’s important for every nonprofit organization to maintain some level of a media profile to ensure that donors know about the organization, its activities, and the ways it  is going about accomplishing its mission. For donors to be able to recognize that their monies are being invested toward a noble goal of advancing an organization’s mission in a methodical and strategic manner, is something important. In fact, it  is ultimately vital to an organization’s survival. 

So even during these perilous times, organizations should work on cultivating an online image and media profile that seeks to educate consumers and the general public about some of the awesome work that they do. Humility is important as a quality trait; but when it  comes to fundraising, it  sometimes needs to be put aside in the interest of the health of the organization.