How to choose a great place for wedding photos

Your wedding day is coming closer, have you finalized the location to click some memorable wedding photos? Yes, choosing a perfect location for your wedding photography is as important as choosing a perfect wedding dress. Because, the adorable wedding pictures are all about a well-chosen photo shoot place.

We truly understand the importance of your big day, that’s how in this guide we bring you some million dollar tips and really cool ideas to get some perfect wedding photos in a worth capturing location.

Want to get that adorable wedding portrait in your bedroom?

Since, ultimately somewhere in your room, a beautiful photo frame on the wall with you two in it will be a perfect statement of your love and memorable wedding day. So, if you want to cherish those beautiful wedding portraits and sweet pictures, consider the things we have listed below.

What type of background do you need?

If you are finding a photo-shoot location, we suggest you to first decide what type of background you wish to see in your pictures. Consider your taste.

Discuss it with your partner about the little things and details you love about a particular place. Do you want to see a picturesque city skyline surrounded by tall buildings in your pictures? Or you prefer the “country” taste with sunflower or canola fields and scenic beauty.

Always remember the background in the photos should complement and match with the whole theme of your wedding and with your bridal outfit as well.

Consider scheduling time for your photo shoot

As they say time is money. So you have to keep that in mind on your wedding day as well, after all you are spending some serious amount of money to the photographer who has to capture all those candid and memorable moments of your wedding day.

So, keep that in mind those formal intimate photos will consume some time. And those formal family wedding portraits is also quite time demanding. So, you have to sit with your photographer and schedule the time for every segment of photo shoot well before the actual time.

Consider proximity of the location you choose

This could be the most important thing which needs your attention, before you pick up a location for your wedding photo shoot.

Of course, you would not be pleased if you get stuck in traffic jam while reaching for the location of your shoot. We suggest you to choose a suitable location which is easily accessible in less time. So, you just have to do some research before you reach a decision.

Consider the weather conditions

Last but not the least; you must consider this most critical aspect while you plan for your wedding photo shoot location. Capturing wedding photos in a heavy downpour with muddy wedding gown is not at all a pleasant experience, off course.

So, we suggest you to hire a professional wedding photographer for this big day. Because, they always have backup plans to keep things smooth even in a bad weather.

In the end, we give you a million dollar tip! Always collaborate with your photographer. Decide things mutually with your partner. Incorporate Customizable Balloons into your shots and watch your pictures come alive. Stay calm, stay happy, worry less and smile more. Have a memorable wedding photo shoot J