How to Build a Trusting Relationship With Your Email Subscribers

It’s not easy to imagine a successful brand without happy, loyal customers. 

For online businesses, it’s even more critical as there is no face-to-face contact. 

Why email communication is important in today’s realities

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most working processes are digitized, including communication.

Here is when email comes to the rescue.

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With the right email marketing, you can continue building and strengthening relationships with your customers. 

Because it’s email, you need to show your human side. Once people realize there is another human being on the other end of the screen, they are more likely to react to your content, use your services, buy your product, and support your business.

Create email signatures for all employees

You can make your email communication more personalized and human by creating a signature for all employees with a professional email signature generator

These signatures are added at the end of every email an employee sends on behalf of a company. They include a professional photo, office address, phone number, links to social media, company website/blog, etc.

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On top of that, it is possible to add a promotional banner and share information about upcoming events, webinars, received certifications, new release launches, and so on.

Although making a signature isn’t difficult, it’s not the best idea to draw it in Photoshop or use a native email service tool.

When created with the help of a professional email signature generator, the signature will look perfect on all possible devices and across various platforms and email services. 

In addition, you save money, time, and resources as you don’t need to install and update these signatures one by one for all the company’s employees.

Have a look at these email signature examples. They are perfect if you want to represent your business in the best way possible. 

Target and fully understand your audience 

Everything you send should match your audience’s needs. Find and target the right people that will benefit from knowing about your brand, services, and products.

Only when you define the core problems your audience is facing, you can provide them the right solution and earn money on what you are doing. 


It’s not new yet very important. More and more brands fight for customers’ attention. If you want to win, keep in mind that all your emails should be personalized. 

Use customers’ names in subject lines, send information that is relevant, not the one you decide is good.  

Segment your lists by customers’ age, gender, location, interests, purchase history, etc.

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Send only valuable emails

By giving valuable information to your subscribers, you show your competency and reliability.

Before sending an email, always ask yourself: “Can I not send this email?” If you can, then probably you have nothing special and important to share at the moment.

Below are a few types of emails you do need to send.

  • Welcome email

Send a welcome email when someone joins your email list. By sending the right info, you can easily explain to subscribers what they can expect. For example, how often you are going to send your newsletters, or you can also direct them to read your best blog posts that can help them out.

  • Newsletters

Use newsletters to inform your subscribers about some recent changes in your company, share news in your field, promote some stuff, etc.

Your newsletters can also contain tips, how-to guides, or short checklists with links to original articles.

  • Customer loyalty programs

Create a customer loyalty program to reward subscribers that frequently engage with your company. You can offer them special incentives, like a 10% discount on their first order or a free product after they collect some reward points.

  • Feedback

Use email to collect feedback. People like to know that they are heard and valued. 

By showing your indifference to their opinion, you will grow customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Automate your communications 

Automated emails can come in various forms. You can send quick thank you emails right after people join your email list, even if it happens at the time when you sleep.

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Automation is also very handy when you need to send many purchase confirmations, delivery updates, etc.

Keep an eye on a visual component

If you want to catch your readers’ attention, then you definitely need great visuals. 

Once they open your email, you have only a few seconds to persuade them to read.

Aside from catching attention, a visual component helps the recipient process information easier and encourages them to engage with the email’s content.

If your email isn’t structured well and looks messy, the chances of your email being read and acted on are pretty slim. 

You can nail your visuals by experimenting with dynamic GIFs, delivering value through informative infographics, and providing nice and clear calls to action. 

Be in touch and offer the best customer support

Great customer support is an essential element of every strategy aimed to build and improve your relations with customers. 

People feel validated when they see that their opinion counts.

Train your team to do their best to deliver 5-star customer support at all times. 

Final words

Every successful brand is successful because of its loyal customers. In the online world, we all may lack face-to-face communication. Thankfully, we have email and the right tactics to feel we talk to people, not robots. 

As we mentioned, it’s essential to build and support trusting relations with customers. In today’s reality, we can mostly do that via email.

In this article, we covered the best tactics to follow if your goal is to find a common language with your email subscribers, not to irritate them but to make them feel happy and satisfied that they subscribed to receive your emails.

To recap everything:

1. Send only relevant information to your subscribers;

2. Personalize your emails;

3. Make your communication more human by using an email signature with your photo on it;

4. Automate your emails when possible;

5. Work on your visuals; 

6. And provide great customer support.