How to Avoid Getting Hit by Cars While Biking

Staying safe while cycling isn’t easy when you consider the statistics. In 2015, 818 cyclists were killed by automobiles. If you break that number down, it comes out to two people a day. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to minimize your risk. If you want to avoid joining those statistics, then here’s what you need to know. 

Watching Your Back

Being rear-ended is a serious risk when cycling. All it takes is one distracted driver and suddenly you’re sent flying. A bicycle accident attorney in Bowling recommends using your tail lights both day and night to help avoid this serious accident. High-visibility clothing and a rearview mirror are also worth the investment. 

The Right Hook

Another common accident, the right hook is when a car turns into you at an intersection. This is more common than the left hook because the car does not have to cross traffic to make the turn. Your rearview mirror comes in handy here, too, but there’s more you can do. 

Experts suggest riding further to the left or in the middle of the lane when approaching intersections with a right junction. This makes it difficult for cars to speed up around you and cut you off at the turn. You should also keep an eye on driver blind spots and keep your distance from all vehicles. 

Ride the Right Way

There’s a common misconception that riding against the flow of traffic is safer. People think it allows cars to see you more easily, but the truth is that this action is three times more dangerous. Drivers do not expect any type of vehicle to approach them head on, which means you come out of the blue more often than not. Stay safe and ride with the flow of traffic.

The Open Door

Another common accident occurs while cyclists ride near parked cars. All of a sudden, a door opens in front of you with no time to react. The result does a lot of damage to your bike, the car, and your body depending on your speed. 

Safety experts suggest leaving a gap between you and any cars parked on the side of the road. You should also avoid parking lots whenever possible. At night, a headlight can help you avoid this altogether. 

Make Noise

Have you ever wondered why motorcycles are so loud? It isn’t for show. Their noise-making capabilities help drivers identify them without having to see the bike or the rider. While you can’t make your bicycle rev like a motor, you can incorporate a noisemaker on your handlebars. 

Some people use bells, while others use horns. They might be silly, but they can help save your life since you can’t avoid being in a driver’s blind spot. A loud sound is enough to help driver’s realize there’s a person next to their car, which could avoid everything from them turning into you to drifting too far over into your side of the lane.