How Technology Makes Your Restaurant Experience More Pleasant

The restaurant industry is enhanced by concepts like excellent customer service, great food, and innovation, which means that a lot of business owners in the sector underestimate the importance of technology. However, investing in technology is crucial if you want to improve the restaurant experience for the customer. 

The benefits of technology in the restaurant industry include: 

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved experience for the customer
  • Reduced costs for the business

Although there can be an adjustment period when implementing new technology, the difficulties are only temporary and the long-term benefits definitely make it worth it. This guide will take you through some of the technological advancements that improve the restaurant experience, like point of sale systems, QSR technology, self-order kiosks, kitchen display screens, and online ordering solutions. 

What Technology Should Restaurants Adopt? 

Advanced point of sale (POS) systems

The right POS system is one of the most important pieces of technology in any restaurant. At its most basic level, it allows servers to record orders and take payments, but advanced technology can improve the process for customers and employees. 

Removable POS systems that allow for ordering and payments at the table speed up the entire process as your servers can use a single device for everything. Simple touchscreen interfaces with intuitive menus make it much quicker for servers to take orders and it also speeds up the training process for new employees. A customer-facing screen allows them to follow along, which reduces the chances of errors. 

Self-order kiosks

The quick-service-restaurant sector is at the forefront of technological advancement in the industry. There is a range of QSR technology that can be implemented to create a smooth dining experience for the consumer. 

Self-order kiosks, for example, are becoming more popular throughout the industry and 53% of customers say that they are an important part of the dining experience. They make the ordering process quick and easy for the customer and reduce queuing times as well. A well-designed menu also creates more opportunities for up-selling and increased average check size. 

Kitchen display screens 

A paper ticket system is not the most efficient option, especially in a very busy kitchen. Any drop in efficiency in the kitchen leads to longer wait times and a worse experience for your customers. 

Kitchen display screens that integrate with your POS systems allow for real-time updating and improved organization in the kitchen. Ultimately, this means shorter wait times and a more pleasant customer experience. 

Integrated online ordering systems

Integrated online ordering systems that allow customers to order from their own phones are also revolutionizing the way that the dining process works. In fact, 59% of restaurant orders from millennials are takeout or delivery, placed through an online platform. 

This is a common piece of QSR technology but more restaurants throughout the industry are adopting these systems to reduce ordering times. In some restaurants, they are even experimenting with voice ordering through Alexa devices, although this technology is in its infancy. 

By implementing these key pieces of technology, restaurant businesses can improve the entire experience and make it more pleasant for their diners. In such a competitive industry, making these investments in technology is essential to survival.