How Students Can Help Benefit From Transfers

The state of Kentucky has an aim to ensure 60% of its population has a postsecondary credential/degree by 2030. 

Transfer students and their success is one of the key factors behind achieving this goal. Currently, too few transfer-aspiring students reach their goal of a bachelor’s degree. While the 2+2 (years at community college + bachelor’s) is considered a commonly known model, only 8% transfer students complete in this manner.

Transferring for an associate degree from a community college before the bachelor’s can cost less than a public or private university. It could also result in more earnings than those who do not transfer. 70% of KCTCS students complete a bachelor’s degree upon completion of their associate degree first whereas 54% and 41% students complete their bachelor’s in three and four years of transferring respectively. 

There are three major solutions to connect the Transfer path – Transfer Pathways, Transfer Advising and Transfer Credit. To get on a pathway, students must decide the major and career path they would like to choose. They must also meet with career advisors to chart, continue and complete the path to the bachelor’s degree. For credit, students who transfer 50% of their community college credits are 2.5X more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative