How Restaurants Can Incorporate New Technology

Man using ordering app to order delivery food

If a business chooses not to cater their services to what the market wants, they will fail. It’s one of the simplest business rules in the world. Without change, there can be no progress.

When it comes to restaurants, the biggest change that can be made is the leap into the digital world that will give your business the best foot forward.

Exposure and marketing are just two reasons to embrace technology with your restaurant business. Other reasons include increasing revenue, being able to afford to expand what you offer, and better appealing to the local community! 

Now that you know why you should go ahead and incorporate things like a custom ordering system to your restaurant, you need to know how to do it. In this article, we will explain some of the best ways that your restaurant can incorporate new technology.

Online Ordering Systems

A huge benefit to restaurants in today’s day and age comes from custom online ordering systems. Many customers are smartphone users, which means that if you want them to order from you, you need to ensure that you have a mobile site or app that is optimized for on-the-go orders. 

Online ordering systems work to make customers’ experience better, and helps to keep your restaurant’s processes more efficient. You can manage inventory through an online ordering system, as the amount of food ordered will be recorded, allowing you to see where you are running low or where you have surplus stock. 

An online ordering system is convenient, and convenience is a draw that  you want to offer to your customers.

Loyalty/ Reward points

Some restaurants and takeout businesses offer loyalty cards with stamps to collect. Amid a pandemic, you are more likely to be offering a takeout service than an eat-in service. So, for every order- big or small- that your customers make, offer reward points.

They can track their points in an online app or a physical punch card, and for every quota they meet, you can offer a discount, or something for free. Reward points are a great way to keep customers loyal to your business.

Food Trackers for Delivery

If customers order delivery, they want to know where it is every step of the way. Patience may be a virtue, but we live in the world of demand. If your customers can see where their order is, it helps them to feel reassured that you are actually working on it. 

No one likes to wait for their food, but this way, even if you are busy, technology enables your customers to feel secure. Security and satisfaction are what keeps customers coming back.

QR Code Menus

With a simple QR code scan outside your restaurant or strategically placed onto small menus, you can show your customers a little more of what you offer and you can make it interactive if you want to! 

Perhaps when they scan the QR code, a questionnaire comes up asking whether they want sweet or savoury food, cold or hot etc. Then you can present options based on their immediate choices. 

You can also utilize QR code menus in order to avoid the point of contact between physical menus amidst the public health crisis. This will help your customers to feel safe and secure.