How Pneumatic Tube Systems Can Alleviate Pressure on the Healthcare System

At the peak of COVID testing, hospitals experienced delays in testing across all other areas including respiratory diseases, STI’s, and general infections. Due to lack of staffing and materials, results were contaminated and many people weren’t able to get the results they needed. Pharmaceutical waste can be devastating to healthcare facilities, so what is the solution?

Pneumatic tube systems offer a fast and efficient way to deliver materials around a healthcare facility. These systems operate much like a subway inside the walls of  a hospital, with sensors to ensure each carrier reaches its intended destination. Vacuum blowers make this process speedy, protecting any time or temperature sensitive materials from being contaminated waiting to be hand delivered. Tube systems can even connect across different stations, floors, even buildings!

Even in times of heavy traffic, a carrier can travel the longest distance in the hospital in less than three minutes. This means healthcare staff are able to focus more on their patients rather than transporting testing materials back and forth from the lab. These tubes are easy to use and are customizable to ensure they can fulfill any healthcare facilities needs. 

Even now with the peak of COVID behind us, hospitals are still dealing with a high volume of patients and a lack of staffing. Implementing pneumatic tubing systems can help alleviate some of the pressure from workers and ensure patients are receiving the care they deserve.

Medical Facilities Need Operational Technology More Than Ever
Source: Swisslog Healthcare