How Much Should Managed IT Services Cost in 2022?

Programmers cooperating working at information technology company

In an age where technology is constantly advancing, it’s important for businesses to keep up. This can be a difficult task, especially for businesses that don’t have the resources or knowledge to manage their own information technology systems. In these cases, it might be beneficial to hire a managed IT services provider.

But how much should you expect to pay to outsource your information technology services? Some companies might be surprised at how much the cost of managed IT services has increased over the last decade. To show you what we mean, we’ve created a cost increase infographic that outlines how much it cost 10 years ago, and how much it costs today. Let’s start with customers who are outsourcing their storage needs.

10 years ago, cost for managed IT services averaged around $42 per month. This cost has since increased to an average cost of $77 today – nearly double the cost! Of course, this cost varies depending on how much space you need and what kind of server your company requires. But even customers who are looking for a cost-effective solution can expect to pay almost $60 for managed IT services – a cost that has increased by about 45%.

For customers outsourcing their Internet needs, cost has also risen considerably. In fact, cost has doubled from a monthly average of $20 a decade ago to an average cost of over $40 today. Again, this cost varies depending on what speeds and services you need, but the trend is clear: outsourcing your Internet needs is becoming increasingly expensive.

But it’s not just storage and the Internet that are seeing cost increases. Customers who outsource their email, software and security needs can also expect to pay more in 2022 than they did in 2002. In fact, cost for managed IT services has increased by an average of $15 since 10 years ago.

So what does all this cost increase mean? Well, it means that the cost for managed IT services is only going to continue to rise in the future. With cost for storage expected to increase by another 50%, cost for Internet services set to increase by 20%, and email, software and security costs rising by another 10%, it’s important to start budgeting for managed IT services now.

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