How Good Sheets Lead to Good Sleep

Sleep is one of the 3 pillars of human health. Unlike diet and exercise, however, sleep doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Too many people glamorize working through the night for the sake of their ambitions. Those who do know the importance of sleep don’t know how to improve their current situation. What can you do to sleep better?

The first thing to check is your bedding. Do your sheets promote better sleep? People who get the best quality of sleep also do the best job maintaining their bedding. In surveys, those “very satisfied” with their sleep quality wash their sheets an average of every 12.8 days. Meanwhile, “very unsatisfied” people wash their sheets an average of every 19.9 days. Experts recommend pillowcases and sheets be washed once every 7 days. 

Does this frequency surprise you? Are you skeptical? You aren’t alone; 65% of Americans say they don’t have time to change their sheets regularly. But the connection between proper sheet care and sleeping well is clear. 68% of Americans also struggle to fall asleep at least once a week. 

Your health benefits from warm, clean sheets on the bed. Sleep isn’t for the week. Everyone needs rest.

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