How Easily Can Cyber Criminals Access the Cloud?

Young IT specialist sitting in front of computer monitor and working with program at his workplace at office

As businesses rapidly move to the cloud, cyber criminals are adapting their tactics and strategies to target these new environments. By understanding how easily cyber criminals can access the cloud, companies can take steps to protect themselves from attack.

Here are 6 tips on how to guard against malicious activity in the cloud:

  1. Implement a Strong Access Policy:

 Ensure that all users have secure access to the cloud, either through passwords or two-factor authentication. Also, consider limiting access to privileged user accounts in order to reduce potential risks.

  1. Implement Advanced Encryption: 

Employ advanced encryption technologies such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols that encrypt data and communications between different cloud services. This will help protect your data from unwanted access.

  1. Monitor All Network Traffic: 

Regularly monitor all network traffic coming into and out of the cloud environment to identify any suspicious activity or malicious attempts to gain access.

  1. Keep Software Up-to-Date: 

Ensure that all software is up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates so that any vulnerabilities are addressed.

  1. Have a Response Plan in Place: 

Develop an incident response plan with clear steps to follow if any suspected malicious activity is detected on the cloud environment. This should include how to contain and manage the incident, as well as who should be notified about it.

  1. Monitor Access Logs: 

Regularly review access logs for any suspicious activities or data access attempts that may have been made. This will help to identify any attempted security breaches in a timely manner.

By taking these steps, companies can ensure that their cloud environment is secure and protect against malicious activity. Following these tips will help companies stay ahead of cyber criminals as they attempt to gain access to the cloud.