How Do You Find Company URLs?

Do you ever have a list of business names without any company URLs in front of them? Then what should we do!? Do you start manual search!? By manual search I mean to check each company name in Google to find its website.

Is company URL search one of your business concerns? Do you like to change your way of thinking and trust new tools created exclusively for company URL search or still want to persist on old methods?

Most people start to search them one by one in Google or other search engines to find accurate company URL of each of them.

Sometimes they have to check many pages of Google to find the correct website domain. Many times the requested website is not in the first page of SERPs. How many pages should you check to find company URLs of all businesses mentioned in the file? 

Instead, I offer you an astonishing website called Company URL Finder!  

Company URL Finder or CUF converts company name to domain on behalf of you and me in the shortest unbelievable time!

What is Company URL Finder?

As I mentioned in previous part, Company URL Finder (CUF) gets a company name from you and finds company website based on name. It is an affordable tool not just because of costs and money, but also due to the time saving and energy saving.

Your precious time can be used more many other important tasks. It is not logical to use it for manual search of many company websites.

Both Company website & LinkedIn URLs!

In addition to Company website URL, the Company LinkedIn URLs are detected by CUF.

Through websites and companies’ LinkedIn pages, lots of information about companies and their achievements can be gathered.  

Over half of small businesses have a website. Corporations can share their company resume, what they sell or buy, their services, goals, and many other important facts in their website and LinkedIn profiles.

Do not underestimate the company profiles on LinkedIn! If you make strong connections with related people, send efficient posts (both image and film) and share you LinkedIn URL for related people, you see that it can work even better than your own website. 

Other capabilities of Company URL Finder

Company URL Finder can also convert company emails or company domains to company names!

In this part, it gets a company email or many company emails from the user and converts them to their names within a second. Another option is to add company URLs (domains) and get company names.

Any of the four services of Company URL Finder that you like can be chosen from the first page of our dashboard to work with.

It is a bulk Company URL Finder!

What does bulk company lookup mean? Hundreds or thousands of company, business or brand names can be copied and pasted in one spreadsheet file and converted to company website or LinkedIn profile URL.

Starting with this bulk Company URL Finder allows users to convert numerous numbers of company names to URLs instead of searching company names one by one.

It is the matter of time-saving. Bulk company lookup is created to support marketers that are always engaged in long process of company URL detection. Blank columns of company URLs in incomplete long lists of businesses can be filled in a matter of seconds with the help of Company URL Finder.

Company URL Finder with various services of single and bulk company lookup and a comprehensive company database is uniquely positioned as a universal innovation and technology leader in business to me.

How to convert company name to domain in CUF?

If you want to check one company name and convert it to its domain, easily write it in your dashboard and click on search button. Very fast and instantly the result is shown!

And if you like to find out the LinkedIn URL, you need to select “Company LinkedIn Page Finder” section.

For bulk company lookup, upload the excel file of company names, after request confirmation and selecting the columns of company names, the result is shown in second column of your excel file.

How important is matching a company’s name to its domain name?

Company URL search is a process which is beyond the procedure of finding URLs. Each URL must be verified. That is why matching a company’s name to its domain name is so important.

But this is not the whole story. Sometimes the address of a company website is not originated from the company name or it may be the abbreviated form of its name. This causes URL verification to be difficult.

This is not the job of you and me by manually search! Only a professional tool like Company URL Finder can detect correct company URLs and recognize false company URLs. 

The last word

Today company marketers and salespersons put more focus on digital communication methods than ever before.

In the first place, mainly they look for company URLs to find company contact information like email, address and phone number through their website, read company history and background, visit company products’ films and pictures if available, analyze company performance based on website content, read available clients’ comments, and be aware of company achievements and successes.  

This caused company URL search to be a sticky part of our job! Almost every day we have to find the company URLs of new customers and it becomes a rigorous task when thousands of company URLs must be found.

Company URL Finder is a highly-automated solution for people tedious of company URL search to improve member experience.  It can find company website based on name. It means that the user writes the name of any company he likes and our URL extractor converts it to company website URL promptly.

If you’re trying to build a strong business you need the strength and expertise of powerful business tools like company URL finder, a forward-thinking service helping clients to get website URLs for a list of companies sooner than their expectations.