Guidelines for Planning a Photoshoot Location

You’ve heard the saying: a picture can tell a thousand words and that is the essence of what photography is about. It captures a moment in time to be used as a remembrance. It’s important to keep in mind that the most important element is not the scenery or the surrounding area but the actual subject of the photo, whether that is children, pets or people. The subject becomes the most memorable part of the photo Here are some things to consider when seeking out a photoshoot location.

How Do You Want To Tell Your Story

This is the first and foremost question you need to consider when planning for photos. This question will help in formulating all other aspects of your photos. Your photo location and background will all be influenced by what story you are telling and/or what event you are trying to highlight. To even further this line of thought, there is a traditional route you can take or you can opt for a more creative alternative. For example, if you are doing senior pictures, you can opt to simply take the traditional posed photo with a basic backdrop. Alternatively, you could choose to go a more creative route and personalize the photos to match the personality of your subject matter. A hobby based photo or something reflective of their own personal style makes it the perfect option. In the end, the results of the extra planning and consideration will produce a much more meaningful final outcome.

Public Setting or Private Location Considerations

Deciding on whether to have a photoshoot location that is public or private is another large part of the planning process. You have to take into consideration whether having people in the background of your photos might be a distraction in the aesthetic you are trying to create. Attempting to take a picture in a field of flowers in the middle of a busy park on a Saturday may prove to be quite difficult. A situation like this might make your photoshoot challenging, not just for you but also for your subject matter.  

If you do decide that a background with other people in it fits the goal of the picture you are taking, there are additional considerations that must be thought of. Are the people in the background agreeable to having their photo taken? Is it too crowded to accommodate what you are trying to do without inconveniencing others in the area?

There are so many incredible private options that are great backdrops for photos as well. Some can be easily accessed and perfectly set up for what you are trying to achieve. Some private settings may charge a fee or require special permission from owners to take photos at their location.

Have all of these options worked out and planned prior to the photoshoot. 

The Background Sets the Tone

Another part of your planning process should be on the background of your photo shoot. Would you like to have the same background for all of your pictures or would you prefer a variety of backgrounds? If you choose an extensive garden for a background, you will have various options for different spots within the garden that can give a varying feel and appearance in the background of each photo. Or, if you choose a mural to stage your photos around, you are limited in background and all of your photos will feature only one that has a singular fixed backdrop. Sometimes the ability to have a variety of options proves to be the most rewarding.  

Focus On The Subject

Never forget to focus on the reason for your photos. Sometimes a photo is to celebrate an event or milestone, sometimes it’s because family pictures are long overdue and sometimes it is to just capture the beauty in everyday life. Keep in mind, pictures don’t always have to be positioned or set up perfectly. Frequently some of the best photos can be captured in the most simple of ways and in the most accessible locations. Capturing a new baby at home in a natural way can be more memorable than a studio set up to take pictures with generic backdrops. The main focus of a photo should be on the subject, and creating a natural feeling location and background that fits them best. 

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