Goldman Sachs to Provide Cloud Services for Wall Street

Four white wires laying under a white cotton cloud. Digital data storage. Virtual disc.

Back in the early 2000s, Goldman Sachs led a charge against major Wall Street firms to adopt cloud computing. Goldman Sachs was an early adopter of this technology and is now offering cloud services to many other big-name organizations on Wall Street. Goldman Sachs’ new foray into cloud computing is a direct result of Goldman’s push for technological innovation over the last decade.

This holds true across all industries. Goldman has been at the forefront of both introducing new technologies as well as helping other companies implement those technologies into their business models. Goldman’s move into providing cloud services is just one more example that they lead the pack when it comes to financial services technology.

For those who are unaware, cloud computing refers to storing data “in the cloud” rather than on the user’s computer. Goldman will now be offering cloud services to other financial firms as well as medium and small sized businesses in Wall Street. Goldman Sachs has been working closely with “a select group of clients” to help them store their data efficiently through Goldman Sachs’ own private cloud network.

Clients who want Goldman to host their cloud data won’t have to worry about hiring extra Goldman employees, because Goldman is outsourcing that part of the business for these clients. Goldman’s main concern has always been providing the best service possible for its customers, which is clearly evident by Goldman’s latest move into cloud computing.

With demand increasing at Goldman for more technology-related hires, this new venture provides a great opportunity not only for current Goldman employees who want to explore another part of Goldman’s business but also for Goldman employees who might be looking for a career change. Goldman Sachs is obviously making cloud computing one area of focus for the firm, and this new venture will only provide more opportunities in the future based on Goldman’s recent history of adopting and encouraging its employees to adopt new technologies.

With Goldman Sachs’ substantial workforce, their readiness to lead the pack in technology matters should come as no surprise. Goldman has always been a step ahead when it comes to hiring talented people, so their latest push into cloud services should have both current Goldman clients and other businesses on Wall Street eagerly anticipating Goldman’s next move.