From Sleeping On The Floor To $100M In Sales: The 3 Secrets Alex Used To Get Ahead

Did you know that hardships prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny or success? Well, when you face a particular challenge in business, ensure you maintain a positive faith-filled, and never-give-up attitude. Alex is here to teach you how you can overcome adversity when pursuing your success.

Alex Hormozi is an American investor, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He founded Gym Launch in 2017, and is also the C.E.O. of other companies like Prestige Labs and A.L.A.N. He scaled four companies to more than $100M in incremental sales across four different industries (service, e-commerce, software, and brick & mortar) in less than four years without taking on outside capital. People know him as an acquisition and monetization expert. Besides, he impacts the lives of many business people and marketers by teaching them how to generate more sales and increase margins while scaling. When he decided to open a chain of six gyms, he struggled a lot. Through his first launch, he struggled in one of the most competitive locations to own a gym in that country. He was unable to afford the rent of a place to live, and therefore he used to sleep on his gym’s floor. This challenge did not hinder Alex from achieving his success. Thus, in this article, you will learn the three secrets Alex used to get ahead.

  1. Focus/Attention

Having focus helped Alex’s productivity because he was able to minimize distractions and process what needs much attention. Focus builds momentum by allowing you to stay positive and motivated to achieve the next goal. It also enables you to produce the best quality of work free from errors. People who remain focused on their goals and dreams can overcome the challenges as well as blunders they come across. 

Alex was always focused on everything he did. He achieved accomplishments and solutions that were beyond his reach. In his business career, he discovered that having focus and attention is critical to achieving great things that many people thought were impossible. Besides, the power of focus and undistracted attention is helping you be committed to achieving your goals and where you want to be.

  1. Adaptability

Adaptability is the ability to modify yourself readily to different conditions. Being adaptable will make you more successful because it allows you to respond to unexpected events or changes faster. Adaptability also helps you to develop greater confidence to handle anything that comes your way. It improves your leadership skills where you establish yourself as a leader worth following. Moreover, being adaptable helps you to make decisions faster since your decision-making ability is improved, and you can take corrective action much more quickly. Furthermore, this principle allows you to become more valuable in the marketplace and have the ability to overcome adversity with no unnecessary stress.

Despite lacking money to rent a house and sleeping on the floor, Alex began adding $10k per month to his revenue in the gym. He developed consistent and repeatable systems and practices. His adaptability made other gym owners ask how he was able to survive and thrive in a high competition area with just a low margin business. In all conditions, he remained adaptable and was able to make a difference in his ability to achieve his goals.

  1. Guidance (Mentorship)

Alex educates and encourages entrepreneurs to look for people well known in their fields. The importance of having a mentor is he will reassure you in all you do. Mentors can help young entrepreneurs have self-confidence and see all challenges as an opportunity. A mentor will also help you stay in business longer and survive in the competitive world. Besides, a mentor provides you with network opportunities that you could not tap alone. A mentor always ensures that you have an unlimited network of people who will benefit your career. The success of those entrepreneurs with mentors is higher than those without mentors. Mentorship is a guaranteed way that you will gain experience from others. Alex had a mentor guiding him through the principles of lifting and healthy living. Mentorship has helped him build three businesses from the ground up and scale them.

Alex used the above secrets to achieve his success. You too can begin from scratch and achieve great things. Do not be left behind.