Fix Your Phone, Don’t Replace It

Believe it or not, 2 smartphone screens break in America every second. Keep that in mind the next time you drop your phone.  But wait – don’t just throw it away or trade it in for the latest model – there’s still likely a lot of life left in that slightly broken smartphone you hold there in your hands. The phone repair economy is massive – clocking in at an impressive $4 billion a year. A significant part of the population would rather upgrade than replace their phone and some take it to the extreme and will use their phone until it stops working altogether.

Where are you most likely to break your phone? Your car or parking lot is the most likely place, followed by the workplace, pool or body of water, and lastly during physical activity. The parts of your phone that are most likely to break are your screen, followed by your battery. A whopping 100,000 phones per day experience water damage. Luckily, many of these issues are relatively minor and can be repaired easily by a qualified professional.

Learn more about why it makes good financial sense to hold on to your smartphone just a bit longer and repair your phone in the phone repair economy in the visual deep dive below:

A Look at the Phone Repair Economy