Explore the Growing Cannabis Job Market

In 2020, employment in legal cannabis exceeded that of many mainstream industries, including popular favorites like nurse practitioner and web developer.  Thanks to growing support for legalization nationwide, the marijuana industry could employ up to 600,000 full time workers by 2025.  Even during the pandemic, cannabis saw 32% year-over-year job growth.  Rapid expansion isn’t just good news for cannabis company owners, however.   In fast-moving industries, entry-level employees have a greater chance for quick advancement.

Jobs in legal cannabis stretch across all pay grades and skill sets.  At the top of the ladder are master extractors and growers, who oversee large scale production of cannabis crops, oils, and concentrates.  Yet many master extractors begin as extraction technicians, who only need some type of scientific background to maintain a safe laboratory environment.  Master growers can start as trimmers, harvesters, or cultivators, all positions that recruit from cooks and dishwashers in the restaurant industry.  Beyond jobs dealing with cannabis directly are the support services present in any industry, including human resources, marketing, and IT. 

Getting a cannabis job is easy.  There are numerous job listing sites dedicated to the marijuana industry.  Most important skills in getting hired are professionalism and industry knowledge.

The Cannabis Job Market