Does Confusing Software Hurt Your Sales

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to do your job, and the software you need to use is confusing and doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. It’s enough to make you want to scream. Unfortunately, this frustration can lead to real-world consequences in the form of lost sales. Here are some of the ways confusing software can hurt your sales:

Lost Sales Opportunities

When your software is confusing, it can be difficult for customers to understand what it is you’re selling and how it works. This can lead to lost sales opportunities as potential customers move on to competitors who are easier to work with.

Inability to Make a Purchase

Confusing software can also lead to customers being unable to make a purchase. This is because they can’t figure out how to navigate your shopping cart or checkout process.

Bad First Impression

When your software is confusing, it gives customers a bad first impression of your business. In addition, it can make it seem like you’re not professional or that you don’t care about your customers.


Confusing software can lead to frustration for both customers and employees. This is because it’s difficult to use and can cause errors. This can lead to lost time and productivity.

Lack of Confidence

When customers are confused by your software, it can lead to them having a lack of confidence in your company and your products. This can cause them to hesitate before making a purchase or to abandon a purchase altogether.

Decline in Customer Satisfaction

When your software is confusing, it leads to a decline in customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is because customers are not happy with the experience they had and are less likely to purchase from you again.

Bad Word-of-Mouth

Confusing software can also lead to bad word-of-mouth for your business and can hurt your reputation. This is because customers will tell their friends and family about how difficult it was to use your product and they won’t recommend you.

Low Employee Morale

Confusing software can also lead to low employee morale and turnover. This is because employees are frustrated with the product and they don’t feel like they’re productive when using it.

Increased Support Calls

Confusing software can also lead to an increase in support calls and help desk tickets. This is because customers are not able to find the answers they need and they need help from your support team.

Increased Costs

Finally, confusing software can also lead to increased costs for your business. This is because you may need to hire more employees to help with support or to improve the usability of the software. You may also need to purchase third-party software to make up for the deficiencies of your own software.

As you can see, confusing software can have a significant impact on your sales. It can lead to lost sales opportunities, inability to purchase, bad first impression, frustration, lack of confidence, decline in customer satisfaction, bad word-of-mouth, low employee morale, and increased support calls. To avoid these problems, it’s important to work with a company like ToGo Technologies who can help you develop a product that is easy to use and understand, which leads to a positive customer experience. This helps boost sales and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit their website today at