Digital Marketing Strategies for the Traditional Retailer

The current Covid-19 pandemic has hit every business, some harder than others, and if your store is not attracting customers like it used to, it might be time to build a strong online presence. Social distancing and fear of contracting the virus have changed the way people behave; they no longer spend a day a week in the shopping malls, and many shoppers now prefer to buy online. 

Here are a few digital marketing strategies that could transform your business.

  • Search engine optimisation – The ability to improve a website’s rankings within a specific search, SEO is a critical aspect of digital marketing, as it helps buyers to find you. Millions of people search online for products and services every day, and if your website is not among the first 2 pages of search results, you will not see an increase in site traffic. Of course, you have to create a professional shopping cart website, as this will be your online sales portal, through which customers can purchase goods. Talk to a leading company such as Move Ahead Media, who can deliver results, and with their expertise, your site will be very busy.
  • Social Media – The first thing to do is create accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then post quality content on a daily basis, with articles and blogs about all aspects of your industry, not just your products. Direct marketing doesn’t really work online, rather you need to give your customers useful and practical information that helps them, and this will attract people to your website. On your Facebook page, for example, you could post a short video where you demonstrate a product, or just talk about the many features it has, and this will promote product interest. One thing you can guarantee; all of your customers will be on social media, so it is a great platform to engage people in the local community. Click here for further reading about the commercial potential of social media, which is a great read.
  • Announcing In-Store Promotions – When you are planning a special occasion, such as a store anniversary, or to launch a new product, you can inform the local community via online sources. In fact, people who see posts about your store might very well decide to pay you a visit, and by using the services of a leading SEO agency, you can make the most out of your online status. Here is some information about trading hours in the UK, which is a must read.
  • Create your Own Mobile App – Many companies have already seen the light regarding mobile apps and have subsequently had their own app built, which their customers can download for free. This is the ideal platform for your marketing, you can send hi-res graphics and video straight to your customer’s screen, and, of course, the customer can use the app to order products.

The retail industry has been hit the hardest by the global pandemic and whether or not it will recover remains to be seen. If you create a strong online presence, this will help you to boost your sales.